Count Dracula's Great Love (El Grand amor del conde Dracula, 1973)

US Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

Reversible sleeve

Text below written 2017-08-10

Another trashy spanish B horror in the Dracula saga? Yes, but also atmospheric and with that unique and gloriously Spanish
1970's feeling to it, meaning a very enjoyable watching. Lots of beautiful woman and copious amounts of topless nudity and
dripping blood makes this great fun to watch. Gothic horror done the Spanish way and here in the unclothed export version.

A man, Imre Polvi (Vic Winner), and 4 beautiful young women: Marlene (Ingrid Garbo), Elke (Mirta Miller), Karen (Haydee
Politoff) and Senta (Rosanna Yanni) are travelling with a carriage in the Spanish mou ... eeh, Romanian mountains, Transylvania
near the Borgo pass, with the closest city being Bistritz (Bistrita), when their vehicle looses a wheel. Close by, there's an old
castle where the infamous Dr. Kargos once had his clinic and where now an Austrian recluse, the nobleman Dr. Wendell Marlow
resides. So what to do but ask the doctor if they can stay the night? Said and done the mild-mannered Marlow (Paul Naschy)
invites them to stay for the whole week (as it takes time to repair their carriage).
The girls find the doctor to be handsome with his strong broad shoulders and elegant manners, but why is he always away during
the day? He tells them he's out hunting but we know better don't we, after all Paul Naschy isn't just the Spanish wolfman he's
also the Spanish Dracula, so girls.... go find a coffin in the cellar.

Booklet with Ingrid Garbo as Marlene the vampiress

A vampire tramp bites Imre, who bites Marlene, who bites ... aaah, what nice fangs she has, bite me honey!

The gorgeous fanged german tennis player Sabine Lisicki could've been in the film too

In an old book the girls found in the library they read that "A virgin giving herself to Dracula, will enable him to re-animate his
daughter Radna" but surely the nice doctor Marlowe can't be the master of bloodsucking and have his daughter in the cellar?
What is not to like about this film? Beautiful vampiresses looking good in their negligees slow mo walks in foggy cellar corridors,
and with charming fangs and a lot of topless scenes. The jumping scene special effect in the peasant woman attack was pretty
cool too. Absolute top class spanish 70's trash film and better than a 1000 of Hollywood movies put together.

widescreen 1.85:1 with a english DTS-HD MA stereo audio or a spanish DD one with english subtitles.
Extras: an audio commentary with director Javier Aquirre and Paul Naschy in spanish with english subs ... ha, ha, they don't
seem to remember this "epic" that well but tell us that Ingrid Garbo and argentinian actress Mirta Miller playing the unfortunate
vampiresses burning up in the daylight scene almost died from toxic poisoning due to the chemicals used on their skin, they
also badmouth actress Mirta Miller calling her very unlikeable .... that's classy, NOT,
a video interview with actress Mirta Miller (Elke in the film, in spanish with english subs 8 minutes, and showing some class and
not badmouthing the filmmakers) a theatrical trailer, a booklet and a stills gallery


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