The Corruption of Chris Miller (Behind the Shutters/La Corrupción de Chris Miller, 1973)

US Vinegar Syndrome 2019 Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc edition

A Great and very well made Giallo-thriller and art triangle drama. I found it a bit slow but fascinating and with fine acting from
Jean Seberg and also from, the for me previously unknown spanish actress, Marisol. The acclaimed director Juan Antonio Bardem
(1922-2002) were not known for this type of genre films and regarding the Bardem's .... famous actress Pilar Bardem was the sister
of Juan Antonio and she's the mother of the great actor Javier Bardem (who scared me to death as the killer in The Cohen Brothers
2007 "No Country for old Men").

The Cantabrian countryside is plagued by a nasty series of unsolved murders where lone women has been robbed and killed by
some man, probably a drifter of some sort. The film starts with such a murder when a rich and lonely middle-aged woman, Perla,
a famous nightclub singer is killed by a man wearing a Chaplin mask, and Perla is played by herself - Perla Cristal.
Outside of Santander in the countryside lives Ruth Miller (Jean Seberg) with her stepdaughter Chris (Marisol) in a big villa.
They have a love/hate relationship and both are bitter over that Ruth's husband and Chris father has left them for unknown where-
abouts, and Chris also suffers from mental instability with attacks of rage and disturbing visions.

Above: Reversable sleeve

Then a British drifter turns up, Barney (Barry Stokes) at the villa asking if they need a handyman for different jobs, and one
of these jobs would surely be having sex with love-starved Ruth Miller i guess. Barney puts wheels in motion in the house
and meanwhile the brutal murdering of a whole farmer family in the nearest village upsets the locals.
Could Barney be the murderer and could the Miller's be in peril ?

"We're The Millers" could've been an altrnate title of this film, but that's another film, a 2013 comedy with Jason Sudeikis i like.

Vinegar Syndrome presents this film in a widescreen 2.35:1 ratio with an original english or dubbed spanish audio DTS-HD MA
mono with english subtitles, region ALL. Extras:

Archival Career Retrospective interview with director Juan Antonio Bardem in spanish with english subtitles (58 minutes, 1994)
Jean Seberg Moviestar: The Tragic Life of Jean Seberg (12 minutes)
Original theatrical trailer, Alternate Spanish ending, Alternate Spanish Title sequence and insert shot


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