US Kino Video DVD edition

A wonderfully Bizarre and strange Art Drama about the more peculiar forms Lust can present itself, from the Czech film genius
and artist Jan Svankmajer.

A group of Prague people who bumps into each other now and then are all very concentrated and fully ockupied with their
different quirky and kinky projects, as i.a. a man who's doing everything in his power to construct a huge Rooster head with
wings made of umbrellas, or a woman working as a mail-man who scoops out crumbs from bread buns and makes a whole lot
of small balls of it, or the tobacconist who constructs a robot with female hands. What all this lead to then? Something
rational? No, more like to sexually colored experiences of the most bizarre kind.

4:3 fullscreen, 2.0 audio with no dialogue spoken, color, regular film mixed with animated sequences.

Plus the short film "Food" (1993, color, no dialogue,16 minutes):
With people as automats filled with food, about guests not being served and eating up their clothes

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