Con la rabbia agli occhi (Death Rage / Höllenhunde bellen zum gebet, 1976)

German Film Art 2020 Blu-ray edition Region all or B


Enjoyable B-Grade Poliziotteschi that is entertaining due to Martin Balsam's great performance as a Naples police inspector (i've never seen
him better than this disgruntled and cynical cop) and to Yul Brunner's .... eeh, face .... he sleepwalks through his role here, sure, but he do look
cool, what a rugged face, almost as special as Henry Silva's. Gorgeous Barbara Bouchet is in it also, as a stripper and she's nude.

In Naples, at a horse race, a US mobster is shot to death and the man who ordered the Hit is Camorra boss Gennaro Gallo. The US NY mob
wants revenge and they talk unwilling ex-Hitman Peter Marciano (Yul Brunner) into travelling to Naples and extract revenge by killing Gallo.
When telling that Gallo was behind the murder of his brother they succeed in hiring Peter Marciano to do it.


When Marciano arrives to Naples the police and Gallo knows about it. The police follows his every move and Gallo wants Marciano dead.
A small-time criminal, Angelo (Massimo Ranieri), somehow ends up helping Marciano and Marciano ends up romancing stripper Annie.
Martin Balsam's cop is standing in between, he's ordered to stop Marciano but he don't mind too much if Gallo and his gang is wiped out.

Note: This German bluray release of the film has got english audio and it's stated in the extras as english version. There are some scenes in
German with english subtitles. There's a nice musical theme on the soundtrack (by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis).
The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with english audio DTS-HD MA 1.0 (and a german dub), region all or B.
Extras: Booklet with text in German and an italian trailer
plus some Film Art trailers

Antonio Margheriti directed this film under his alias Anthony M. Dawson


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