C.I.D. (1956)

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Text below written 2016-03-19

Great classic crime thriller and produced by the legendary Guru Dutt and directed by the long time assistant director
to Guru Dutt, Raj Khosla. This old indian film also (just like Mahal) has got a great soundtrack with music from O.P
Nayyar and with a lot of completely captivating song/dance numbers. My favourite number is the first one with the
country women fetching water in the river ... Bujh mera kya naam re ... and with Minoo Mumtaz as the main performer
in a piece sung by legendary playback singer Shamshad Begum.

An editor of a Bombay newspaper has refused to give in to the threats of criminals and will publish negative information
about a famous business man combined gangster boss. He get's murdered for his troubles and Criminal Investigation
Department inspector Shekhar (Dev Anand) is investigating the case and leads the hunt for the murderer.
During a car chase he meets innocent bystander (and car provider) Rekha (played by the lovely Shakeela/Shakila)

Shakila as Rekha Singh

Dev Anand as Good Guy

Rekhas's not sure of Shekhar's intentions or if he's a cop at all and she ends the car chase, stopping the motor on a
country road. They stay the night in the car and witnesses the above mentioned song/dance number from a gang of
happy countrywomen . After some bickering their feeling turns towards Love, after a couple of twists and turns.
She's the daughter of the Police Superintendent Mathur (played by the official looking older guys roles K.N. Singh)

There's an eyewitness to the murder in the pickpocket small time criminal Master (played by Johnny Walker) and
he identifies the murder in a witness confrontation. Also there's a crime scene finding in a joint cigarette which leads
to inspector Shekhar going undercover in the (then, in 1956 yet limited drug circles) Bombay drug underworld to
find his killer. The Killer Shersingh played by the coming huge star Mehmood

Johnny with The Lovely KumKum

Waheeda Rehman

Yes, Dev Anand's Shekhar gets his killer, BUT who's the man behind it all ? A Mysterious women calls him and
says that she will tell him about the murder and that he will get fetched in a car to their meeting place, and this woman,
Kamini is played by a young Waheeda Rehman, just like Mehmood a coming big film star.

A Great crime film with fine acting from Dev Anand, the Gregory Peck of indian film ? well, he resembles The Peck
a bit i think, a likeable actor that you get the feeling of that he's playing himself on the screen, and with the LOVELY
Shakeela. The Music and dancing were Great too and not just the lively first number mentioned above but also some
others, as the one with Shekhar and Rekha on the Bombay beach walk with some street musicians, and the one with
Kamini dancing for her boss and/or lover Dharamdas.
There's a suspenseful ending with the Bad Guy threatening the wounded Kamini in her hospital bed (pic above) and
this film is widely regarded as a classic of Bollywood filmmaking.
4:3 fullscreen black & white in hindi with english subs, song/dance with english subs, some trailers as extra and this
Ultra edition had a pretty good picture quality even though the night scenes where a bit dark

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