Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015)

Hong Kong Panorama DVD

Mark Chao and Chen Yao

Chinese fantasy action-adventure with tons of CGI about an unknown civilization, alien monsters and a portal hidden
in the Kunlun Mountains. Pretty enjoyable in parts ... CGI in chinese films still can be better ... some mumbo jumbo
fantasy stuff (but people all over the world nowadays watches shitty fantasy TV series with sex and violence, and seem
to like it, so ... oh, and yes, there's no sex here as this is a chinese film naturally) but the hyena-werewolf monsters from
outer space were somewhat cool and the fighting of them in the deserted desert town was ditto.

The Film starts with a narrator mentioning strange findings during the 20th century and the weird fossiles found in the
Kunlun mountains in 1974, and the start of Bureau 749, an Archive X type of agency exploring strange phenomenas.
In 1979 the professor of Palaeontology, Yang Jialin (veteran actor Wang Qingxiang) leads an excavation expedition of
the fossile site, heading a squadron of soldiers including his cute nurse daughter Yang Ping (Chen Yao) and the soldier
Hu Bayi (Mark Chao). Yes, he falls for her so there's some romance too with the fantasy and monster action

An explosion occurs and a new tunnel has opened up into the mountain into hitherto unexplored territory. A group of
brave volunteers (pic above, from left to right front: Hu Bayi, Yang Ping, professor and Sun Quan Fu) goes into the huge
chasm exposed, a chasm with enormous statues and strange fossiles telling about an unknown civilization.

A Hidden valley, Fire bats, the Demon Pagoda, the Ghostly Tribe, the Monster beasts (pic above), the Portal to space,
Prince Yi, the Keeper of the Vault and the Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.
Based on the in China enourmously popular fantasy novel series Gui Chui Deng - Ghost Blows out the Light written by
Zhang Muye, with a start in 2006 as a online novel leading to film adaptions and a video game. Tomb Raider, Archive X
stuff about ancient hidden secrets being explored in various parts of China
Anamorphic widescreen, mandarin audio 5.1 with english subs, trailer, 2 min featurette

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