Cebo para una adolescente (1973)

Spanish DVD edition with leaflet

DVD Meny

Cebo para una adolescente (The Secretary) is a forgotten and really obscure 1973 drama with some sexual slant to it, and
this film could've been a Good film if a better director had handled it. The actors is fine (Philippe Leroy is really good) and the
haunting beauty of a still teenage Ornella Muti is breathtaking. I would consider buying a Blu-ray of this just to gape at her .
She's hypnotic and almost otherwordly, like a creature from outer space and that gap in her front teeth just makes her even
more alluring. Sometimes she reminds me of the ex-pro tennisplayer Ana Ivanovic.

As young as she was, just 18 years old when this film was shot in Madrid, London and Segovia, Muti here acted in her 11th
film according to IMDB and she has acted in well over 100 movies, mostly in Italian productions. She was only 14 years old
when she filmed her first movie in 1969, The Most Beautiful Wife (La Moglie piu bella) a film directed by the great Damiano
Damiani and released in 1970. A very good Sicilian drama about a young woman seeking justice after having been raped, and
based on a real case. I've only seen Muti in 5 films, these two mentioned and in 1975 Leonor, the great art horror by Juan Luis
Buñuel (read more on my Horror page), in 1980 sci-fi comedy Flash Gordon and in 1981 trash thriller Love and money.

Ornella Muti and Philippe Leroy after making love

The story of the film is about a young woman, the teenager Maribel (Ornella Muti) who studies at a Secretary School and
lives with her parents and 2 annoying kid brothers in a too small and crummy apartment.
Her family is poor and can't afford anything better. Her father's boss, the middle-aged company executive Don Ignacio
(Philippe Leroy) offers her a job at the company as his secretary, and everyone is happy.

Maribel Muti's 1st film

They get even more happy when the angelic Don Ignacio helps Maribel's poor parents getting a better apartment to live in
by offering them a loan. An apartment in a new housing area at the outskirts of Madrid, and that's interesting to see, these
unique bare hills surrounding the spanish capital.
But is he really an angel, such a nice decent man ? NO, this middle-aged creep seduces the young girl and during a business
trip to London he pressures her into having sex with him using how nice he was to her parents and the new apartment.
She falls in love with the horny old goat without knowing that he's married with children, and that he only sees her as young
meat for his pleasure. He has no intension of divorcing his wife for Maribel's sake.

When a younger man, the likeable journalist Carlos (Emilio Gutierrez Caba) starts courting her, and Don Ignacio gets to know
about it he gets mean. Will Maribel free herself from Don Ignacio's bad influence and her sexual slavery before this film is over ?

This film was presented in a non-specified widescreen ratio (but about 1.80:1) with a spanish audio WITHOUT any subtitles,
no extras except a leaflet with some film info.
WHY writing about this film if it's Not a Classic or a Cult movie ? Ornella Muti is the answer to that, a Legend and a Goddess

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