Catfight (2016)

UK Arrow Video Blu-ray edition

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh

Text below written 2017-05-23


Biff, Bang, Pow ..... I hate your guts. A female anti-buddy movie where 2 college acquaintances meet again some
2-3 decades later and their hate-affair re-starts. Just like (and i saw that some IMDB reviewers noted it, but this was
my first feeling too ...) the eternal fight between Peter Griffin and the big yellow chicken or rooster in Family Guy. They
just hate each other, without any logical reason, they fit like matter to anti-matter, a glint in their eyes (just like Peter vs.
Chicken) and off they go again .... Biff, Bang, Pow! We really never get to know the basis for their animosity.

This oddity of a film, a strange drama-comedy with satire, and a dark comedy that is, totally belongs to Sandra Oh and
Anne Heche who gives everything they got in their performances. Ok, i'm not sure if i found the film to be funny, in a very
dark tragic way maybe, but it was strangely captivating. I don't think i've seen anything like it .... besides the 2002 japanese
2LDK, sadly obscure today, a black horror-comedy directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi about 2 young women sharing an
apartment with disastrous results. So, Catfight may not be a great film but still it has got something special to it.

Booklet with a nice comic book presentation of his thoughts on humanity
and the state of our world by director and writer Onur Tukel

Veronica vs. Ashley

New Yorker Mrs. Veronica Salt (canadian actress Sandra Oh) has a rich man and a teenage son. She's a discontented
housewife who drinks too much and with a lot of suppressed rage below the surface, and at the beginning of the film
she's hard to like. Ditto New Yorker Ashley (Anne Heche) is an artist who lives with her girlfriend (Alicia Silverstone) in
a less fashionable part of NY than Veronica. Veronica and Ashley haven't seen each other for decades but there were hate
between them in college, and one night at a party they meet again. Their not so warm meeting almost immediately leads to an
eruption of VIOLENCE and a bloody fight results in Veronica falling into a 2 year coma.
When Veronica wakes up she has lost all of her money (due to hospital bills), her rich husband has shot himself and her son
has died in some of US many middle east wars. Guess if she's glad to hear that Ashley now is a rich and famous artist?
The story is constructed as a fairytale when the fates of our combatants are turned around.

Amy Hill is fine in the role as Veronica's elderly slightly demented aunt, and Ariel Kavoussi too as Ashley's harassed assistant.
Widescreen 1.78:1, english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with english subs. Extras: 2 separate commentary tracks, one with Onur
Tukel and one with Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, a trailer (of the spoiler type), fight choreography, deleted scenes and booklet

A good interesting if not a great film maybe, but with amazing intense performances from Sandra Oh and Anne Heche


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