La Casa del Tappeto Giallo (The House of the Yellow Carpet, 1983)

US DVD edition

Another super-obscure giallo seemingly impossible to find in a regular DVD or Blu-ray release. An interesting chamber piece of a giallo maybe
as most of it takes place just in one apartment, and it's based on a theatre play (i think, i'm too lazy to look it up IMDB or Wiki).
Something of a mind-fuck of a film and for sure you have absolutely no idea where this film will go. Twisting it's way along.
This DVD is an alternative market release and probably based on a TV Rip and the picture quality is crappy and really dark, sometimes so dark
you have a hard time seeing what's going on. Also the ratio is cropped (as so often with TV Rips).
But, this is what you have, so adjust your eyes to old blurry VHS 2nd generation dupe standard and let the story suck you in.

Is this even a giallo, with an artmovie actor as Josephson and maybe also Romand ? With it's theatrical feeling setting ? Yes, possibly it is, but
a borderline case then. The most important though, it's a good thriller. Erland Josephson show us why he was considered to be one of Sweden's
greatest actors and i didn't know he made films in Italy, so it was nice to see him in this forgotten giallo, or psychological drama thriller.

The film starts out in almost complete darkness with a married couple in their bed at night. The woman, Franca (Béatrice Romand) talks in her sleep,
obviously has an erotic dream and cries out the name of her stepfather she had when she was a young girl. Her husband sits awake and in horror
when he hear her moans, obviously this is a re-occurring thing and he, Antonio (Vittorio Mezzogiorno) is jealous and filled with rage.
The couple has an oriental yellow carpet for sale, and during a weekend day and with her husband out on some errand, a man with a heavy foreign
accent calls about the carpet. A heavy swedish accent that is, why do we Swedes have to sound so ridiculous when trying to speak english ?
OK, maybe not our americanized youngsters, but i'm middle-aged and sounds horrible too. I remember an american girlfriend i had once, she stared
at me wide-eyed and said ... "you really have a heavy accent", so i had to make an effort not sounding like the Muppets Chef ... "flödi, vödi, skvödi".

Oops, sorry, another digression, let's leave the Muppets Chef (he's great by the way) and return to the film.

The elderly man turns up at her door and she lets him in. Unwisely. He behaves more and more eccentric and she start thinking that he's a creepy
old man. He tell her stories about himself, that he has murdered his wife and been in jail for many years. He gets more and more aggressive and
locks her in. She can't leave the apartment and now worries about being murdered by the crazy, and where is her husband ?
Then this film starts twisting. Yes, this sounds very cool but the execution of this a bit too far-fetched plot was done too heavy-handedly to be
a really good film. But as a B-giallo it was OK and Erland Josephson really showed his acting skills


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