Brutal Shadows (Un homme est Mort / The Outside Man / Brutale schatten, 1972)

German Pidax 2021 DVD edition

Or, an alternative title for this film could've been "A Frenchman in LA" and i loved it. A great and very entertaining Crime Thriller,
maybe an Eurocrime as the film was a French and Italian co-production directed by a Frenchman and with Eurostar Frenchman
Jean-Louis Trintignant in the main role. Even though the film was shot in LA and had some american actors in it (as i.a. Ann-Margret
and Roy Scheider) the film is european in style but with great use of the LA locations as the background for the story.
Jean-Louis Trintignant is truly great in this film and he's one of my favourite French actors from this time (also Alain Delon and
Michel Piccoli were great) and here he meets Roy Scheider again (as he did also in the 1972 political Eurocrime "L'Attentat" / "The
French Conspiracy" - read more about this film on my Giallo and Eurocrime Page 1).

I really, really enjoy Euro crime thrillers from the 1960's and 1970's - the Golden Era of Euro filmmaking and a German company like
Pidax has released a ton of them, but unfortunately often without an english audio track or with english subtitles. But here with an
english version - PLEASE NOTE that there's no info about an english version on the Pidax sleeve, but choose english language
from the language meny and then return to the main meny and start the film from there. The french audio version has no subtitles.
In the english version there are some short dialogues spoken in french when Trintignant speaks with frenchmen on the phone.

Insert sheet with Trintignant, Scheider and Ann-Margret

Lucien Bellon, a Frenchman arrives to LA by plane and checks into a hotel where a briefcase with money and a gun awaits for him.
He calls himself Roger Garnier and he goes to a meeting in the Beverly Hills with a mobster boss, Victor Kovacs who lives in a
luxurious mansion. There are Victor's son Alex (Umberto Orsini) and Victor's wife (Angie Dickinson) and Victor who thought he
was about to talk to his lawyer Roger Garnier instead is surprised to meet Lucien and he's shot to death.
A cleverly planned murder by Lucien (Trintignant) or just lucky (what if the mansion have had security cameras at the gate?) and
a great, unusual and interesting start to the film.

Back at his hotel to catch his stuff and to leave the country as fast as possible Lucien finds that someone already has checked
him out from the hotel, and outside someone has given his car a flat tyre and tries to shoot him in the parking lot. WTF?
Then Lucien is on the run from his hunter (Roy Scheider) and trying to survive through car chases and shoot-outs and without
money or luggage. Lucien's friend in Paris (Michel Constantin) knows a prostitute Nancy (Ann-Margret) who may help him to
survive his LA visit. Who's behind the Set Up ?

A very entertaining and snappy low budget crime action-thriller cleverly shot by director and co-script writer Jacques Deray and
with a brilliant relaxed Jean-Louis Trintignant in the main role as the man with a debt to the french mob who has to kill a LA mobster
to get rid of his debt. Ann-Margret our swedish born american singer and filmstar is beautiful and hot as hell with a cleavage like
the Grand Canyon in the cliche role as the friendly hooker.

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with the english version audio DD 2.0, region 2. Infosheet and a Lino Ventura trailer


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