Black Mama, White Mama (1973)

UK Arrow Video / MGM Blu-ray edition

Turnable sleeve

Text below written 2019-11-23

This film is mainly an Action Chase movie taking place somewhere in the Philippines with 2 western female prisoners on the run and chased
by the Police, the Guerillas, a Crime gang hired by the police and by a Drug gang, and ending in a big shoot-out.
But, this film starts out as a regular WIP movie with the required genre elements as a shower scene, dyke guards and a cat fight.

Pam Grier had by 1973 already made 2 shot in the Philippines Women in Prison exploitation flicks with director Jack Hill and with fellow US
actor, the Jack Hill regular, Sid Haig - her sensational debut in The Big Doll House in 1971 and The Big Bird Cage in 1972 and she continued
with Jack Hill resulting in the Blaxploitation classics Coffy in 1973 and Foxy Brown in 1974.
With this yet another cheapie US-Philippine co-production she worked with Philippine schlock maestro Eddie Romero (1924-2013) the legendary
director of 1969 trash horror The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, and Pam also teamed up again with Margaret Markov the same year 1973 in the
forgotten but great female gladiator flick The Arena beautifully shot and co-directed by Maestro Aristide Massaccesi alias Joe D'Amato


This film starts with a new busload of female prisoners arriving to The Women's Rehabilitation Center, a Philippine jungle prison. Well, it's
not that clear that we're in the Philippines as it could've been in some latin american country as well (as so often in a WIP movie), but later in the
film we se signs in tagalog and police officers with Manila emblems on them.

Pam Grier is Lee Daniels, a prostitute involved with drug traficking, and Margaret Markov is Karen Brent involved with armed revolutionaires.
They've 2 dyke guards watching and peeping (when showering) on them, the sadistic blonde Densmore (Lynn Borden) and Logan (Laurie
Burton). But soon, to soon maybe, this WIP movie turns into a women on the Run Chase action movie.
They manage to flee during a prisoner transport and the chase is on. The Police Captain Cruz (Eddie Garcia) leads the hunt and he also hires
the local crime gang lead by Ruben (Sid Haig) to get them. But, Pam's drug boss (Vic Diaz) wants her too and also Markov's guerilla buddies.


The Blu-ray presents the film in widescreen 1.85:1 and with a LPCM mono english audio and with english subtitles.
Extras: White Mama Unchained: Interview 2015 with Margaret Markov about her career (14 minutes), Sid Haig's Philippino adventures (15
minutes), The Mad Director of Blood Island: Archival interview with Eddie Romero (14 minutes, 2013), trailer, picture gallery, a Booklet and
an audio commentary with filmmaker Andrew Leavold


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