Bitterer Whisky (Due maschi per Alexa/ 2 males for Alexa/ Fieras sin jaula, 1971)

German X-Rated Blu-ray and DVD 2 disc 2017 combo edition

Not a giallo really, more of a Eurocrime triangle drama, minimalistic but interesting with fine ensemble acting from the cast. I had not heard about the
actor Jean Luis Galiardo before, but he's good as the loverboy and Curd Jürgens in contrast is very well known, and he was good in this as the
tormented cuckolded old husband. Rosalba Neri is great as alwas, the italian sex symbol that ruled every film she took a part in, a talented actress.
Her very frequent nudity scenes may make some people forget that, yes, me too as she's .... eeh, spectacular.
I've recently viewed her in the funny gothic B-horror Lady Frankenstein (read about this in my Horror film page 1) and she ruled there too.

The Booklet

Poor Ronald Marvelling

Curd Jürgens plays Mr. Marvelling, a rich old man and widower who falls head over heels in love with one of his daughter's student friends,
the luscious redhead Alexa/Alecsa. She's much, much younger than the old man and his daughter Catherine (Emma Cohen) worries about
Alexa being just a gold-digger on the prey for his money. In a flashback we get to see how Catherine and Alexa was friends in Paris.
Catherine even visits a family friend for advice of how to free Ronald from Alexa's clutches

But, it's too late. Alexa is already married to Ronald and she has got herself a lover, Pietro (Jean Luis Galiardo) and they enjoy themselves
in the Marvelling summer villa at the beach (up in Normandy?), frolicking on the beach, displaying Rosalba Neri full frontal nudity and having
sex in the marital bed. Yes, they are having a swell time and in a prolonged flashback we see how Ronald got to know about her infidelity.
He's a cuckolded old tired man and both Alexa and Pietro seems to think that he actually tolerates their love affair. Pietro even suggests that
killing off the old goat would be a great idea, and Alexa agrees, BUT ....

what they don't know is that old Ronald has got some tricks up his sleeve and a big surprise is coming for them.

Presented in anamorphic widescreen with an italian 2.0 DTS-HD audio with english subtitles (according to the audio commentary no english
audio version exists). Soundtrack by Piero Piccioni. Extras:

An alternate Spanish version in spanish audio DTS-HD 2.0 with english subtitles (yes, that means without the Rosalba Neri nudity) and a
longer intro title sequence, an audio commentary in german without any subs with some german guys, alternative intro and end credits
(and with yet another title - La femmina del Falaropo), textless opening, B- Roll ( - and another title again - Belva sensa gabia) with love
scenes Neri & Galiardo, Music Track and a Booklet with text about the ST composer Piero Piccioni


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