Un Bianco Vestito per Marialé(A White Dress for Mariale, 1972)

Evelyn Stewart on the DVD sleeve


Yes, one of the many Gialli found on Youtube and presumably in the Public Domain. Most of these streaming video
uploadings are in a poor low resolution quality, but some are better and can be watched in big screen. I've never been
able to watch a film on my computer in a small picture frame as i want to lay back and watch it on my big TV.
This giallo had a decent picture quality and was watchable.
Another delightfully obscure giallo i never heard about, and from the later infamous Romano "Nightmares in a Damaged
Brain" Scavolini done in a slightly art movie-ish style and with a nice soundtrack from Fiorenzo Carpi and Bruno Nicolai
and with great photo. This film had a slow start and with a very high body count at the end.

Sorry about this Spoiler, but after the intro scene where a young girl sees her father murdering her unfaithful mother,
well ... there's really NO surprise who the murderer in this film is. So, no surprise there.

Like in Something is crawling in the dark, another Youtube streaming video giallo (see Giallo page 1), this has a Big
Mansion in the Country setting for the story, in the other film a bunch of people taking refuge during a storm and here a
bunch of people turn up at the Mansion of Bellaria to visit their old friends, the marquis Paolo (Luigi Pistilli) and marquise
Marialé (Evelyn Stewart). But who invited them and why are the marquiz and his henchman Osvaldo (Gengher Gatti) so
hostile when they arrive to Bellaria? The guests have been invited by telegrams.

The six guests, Massimo (Ivan Rassimov), Mercedes (Pilar Velazquez), Sebastiano (Ezio Marano), Jo (Giancarlo Bonuglia),
Gustavo (Edilio Kim) and Semy (Shawn Robinson) do feel the strange ominous atmosphere, but soon forgets that after
a lavish dinner turns into a drunken orgy and they're shown the mansion/castle's horror chamber.
The story goes Psychedelic with lots of early 1970's artmovie behaviour from the actors, and then the Killing starts and
everyone dies. An obscure B-grade giallo that was somewhat enjoyable and OK if not good.
The streaming quality was OK too and it can be seen on a big TV screen. Only 85 minutes and this was the italian
version with english subs. The Film is released on DVD and Blu-ray, i think, by the exclusive company Camera Obscura


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