The Battle at Lake Changjin (2021)

UK Cine Asia 2022 Blu-ray edition - Region B

After the Epic 2020 blockbuster war movies "The Eight Hundred about a WW2 battle against the Japanese in Shanghai
and "Sacrifice" about a 1953 battle in the Korean war, it was time to tell the story of The 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir
where the Chinese People's Volunteer Army in extreme winter cold pushed the US Army back behind the 38th parallell.

When trying to read about the film on the Internet i was met with page after page of XX propaganda emphatically
telling me that this film is Chinese propaganda.
OK, well, Hollywood has cranked out propaganda war movies for half a
century by now so why wouldn't China have the right to do big blockbuster war movies too now when they have the
money and the craft to do so?

Anyway, just as in "Sacrifice" i think the film depicts War as Hell and both sides seems to be equally good in killing each
other. This whole film is just a big massacre after yet another massacre but it's patriotic too, so beware all Sinophobes.
As in "Sacrifice" there were no racist or anti-US sentiments so why the outrage? Just think of all the western crime and
action movies and TV series where non XX Bad Guys are depicted as hardly looking humans, like ape creatures. In films
in TV series, endlessly, it never stops, it goes on and on, and Goebbels would've been proud of us if he were alive.

As i've said before here on my site I am bored by War movies, bored by endless killings, bored by stupid propaganda
and the main reason i watched this film was because i wanted to see what a Chinese war movie looked like. China has
become a major economic world power and parts of the western world obviously don't like the competition.

The Story: In 1950 The US Army has invaded Korea, carpet bombed the North, bombed the Chinese border and crossed
the 38th parallell and approaching the Yalu river and China itself. Chairman Mao has decided to aid Korea and appoints
Peng Dehuai (1898-1974, played by Zhou Xiaobin) as Chief Commander of The Chinese People Volunteer Army. His
mission to stop the US Army's approach at the eastern front, at Lake Changjin.
Our main protagonist is Wu Qianli (Wu Jing, our martial arts favourite) and his kid brother Wu Wanli (Jackson Lee)
but the main roles in this film are explosions, tanks, shootings, grenades, mortars and close combat war, on and on.

The film is 2 hours 55 minutes and had a sequel in 2022. Presented in widescreen 2.39:1 and with mandarin audio DTS
HD 5.1 with english subtitles (no subs when english is spoken by US soldiers), original trailer, UK trailer


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