US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition

A Very Trashy Neo-Giallo Slasher and attemp to re-animate the Classic Italian Gialli genre. Yes, it's a B movie, Sleazy and Trashy, but i like such
Strange Things and i found it to be Sleazy Fun. It's giallo thriller with a somewhat clever story and with violent murders.
Violent and gory murders executed with a .... eeh, ridiculous .... or original (depending of your taste) murder weapon.

A Killer is on the loose and he kills women with a steel set-square - yes, a set-square !? and the female investigating judge Rita (Mirca Viola)
leads the investigation of the murders. The Murders, all taking place in the same apartment house, where a teacher is killed first and then the
housemaid of a Countess, the latter played by genre icon, the charismatic legend Florinda Bolkan.
Bolkan, maybe my favourite female actress of the Giallo genre with films as i.a. 1971 "A Lizard in a Woman's Skin", 1972 "Don't Torture a Duckling"
and the 1975 "Footprints on the Moon".

Bolkan's Countess is an artist who paints macabre murder scenes inspired by the grisly murders. The artist manager Otilia (Elisabetta Cavallotti)
has got her client and lesbian lover living in the house, the singer Nicole, played by Eva Robins, the famous (or infamous) Shemale, best known
for being the girl with the Red Shoes on the beach in Dario Argento's "Tenebre". The Couple decides to get Nicole some free PR by claiming that
Nicole has been threatened by the Killer, something that back-fires and leads up to yet another murder.

Franco Nero makes a guest appearance as a weirdo. Eva Robins also gained some notoriety in her homeland Italy when she acted in the sleazy
exploitation films 1980 "Eva man (Due sesso in uno)" and 1982 "El regreso de Eva Man" and both with sleaze legend Ajita Wilson in them.
At the Bottom of the Sleazoid Barrell and not many have seen these films i guess.

anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, 2.0, english audio, interviews with med Pier Francesco Campanella ( 9 minutes, with Elisabetta Cavallotti and Elisabetta
Rocchetti (14 minutes), a Making Of featurette (12 minutes), Trailers and a picture gallery

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