Autopsy (Macchie solari /Sun Spots/The Victim, 1974)

US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition

Macchie solari is a very fine and unusual giallo horror with macabre moments, and the film starts with a series of grotesque suicides
and they are blamed on the intense Solar activity, the spots on the Sun, Macchie solari . The beautiful but very icy coroner Simona
Sanna (Mimsy Farmer) starts hallucinating and sees visions of the dead bodies in the morgue coming alive. She then meets an american
Betty, and she dies soon thereafter and supposedly in another suicide.

The american priest Paul Lennox (Barry Primus) is sleuthing around in true Gialli way, and with the help from Simona he tries to find the
real reasons behind his sisters death.

Armando Crispino only made a few gialli and he made them in an unusual and fascinating way, slightly different from most of the other
entries to the genre. His 1974 "Autopsy/Macchie solari" is suggestive and interestingly macabre. In 1972 he made his other entry to the
Giallo genre with his great "L'etrusco uccide ancora - The Etruscan Kills Again" a film seldom seen but surprisingly good, a crime mystery
taking place in the excavation site of the Etruscan City of the Dead in Tuscany (read more about this exciting giallo on my Giallo & Eurocrime
Page 2).

1972 "L'etrusco uccide ancora" (The Etruscan Kills Again/The Dead are Alive) is an unusual giallo, an intriguing
Whodunit Murder Mystery shot in a really atmospherical place, the ancient Etruscan's burial ground The City of the Dead in Viterbo.
This giallo just like Autopsy were made in delightfully off-beat way and without the regular tropes of the Gialli genre as Black gloves etc.
And i just love the Offbeat Gialli, the strange one's, the unloved and misunderstood one's from director's that went their own way.

The old Blue Underground DVD presented the film Autopsy in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 with an english audio mono (or an italian
audio without english subtitles, trailers extra.
When writing this text in December of 2020 i feel that i have to rewatch Armando Crispino's "Macchie solari - Autopsy" again, and on a
bluray this time. I remember liking it a lot when i watched it the last time some 15 years ago