Yes, absolutely on my Top Ten movies the last decade, and not just as a horror movie but of all genres.
The less one knows in advance about the story of the film the better. It was fun lending the film to
someone unprepared, to someone who thought the film to be a soft drama about relations, a middle-aged
man meeting a younger woman on a dating site (like Tinder, or whatever today social media today) and
wasn't prepared for Miike's stomach punch.
The legend says that movie audiences were running to the exits, shocked and disgusted.

anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, 5.1, japanese audio with english subtitles, interview with Takashi Miike,
audio commentary by Miike to chosened scenes, Introduction to the film by Takashi Miike,
Picture gallery, interview with writer Ryu Murakawa, Scariest moments segment

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