A Quiet Place in the Country (Un Tranquilo posto di Campagna, 1968)

US Scream / Shout - Factory 2017 Blu-ray edition Region A


Is this a giallo? Maybe i should've placed it in my Cult & Classics section, but it has a Morricone soundtrack, Franco Nero,
paranoia and a murder mystery. Yes, hard to define this fine film as it has a lot of different elements to it, it's a Ghost Story
and a Psychological thriller but it's also an almost experimental drama.
The acting is great, the cinematography is fine, the soundtrack is very experimental from a group of composers - The Nuova
Consonanza including Ennio Morricone and directing it was the hailed Elio Petri. Vanessa Redgrave too, quality all over,
and making the paintings was american Jim Dine, future super famous painter.

Leonardo Ferri (Franco Nero) is an artist, a success, a hit painter living with his agent Flavia (Vanessa Redgrave) but he hallucinates
and he hasn't finished a work in 2 months. He's not well and must get out of Milano to be able to work again, at a quiet place in the
country. He do find an old abandoned villa, almost a palace, but he continues dreaming bad dreams and hears that once a young
countess, Wanda Valier, has died at the villa only 18 years old. How did she die? Obsessed with the girl Ferri starts sleuthing ....
and, the main role sleuthing around to find the answer to a murder mystery makes it a film within the giallo genre, stupid me.
OK, no black gloves, but made in Italy in the late 1960's (an italian-french co-production) and .... eeh, sleuthing, so a giallo it is.

Presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english or italian mono audio dub with english subtitles DTS-HD MA. REGION A.
Extras: an interview with the great Franco Nero (32 minutes, in italian with subs, 2017 Scream Factory), theatrical trailer and a fine
very informative audio commentary by film historian Troy Howarth - great, and that's how a commentary should be done


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