Amuck! (Alla Ricerca del Piacere, 1972)

UK 88 Films Blu-ray edition

Reversible sleeve

Ha, ha, ha, well ... this film wasn't THAT sleazy, looking at the cover will make you think. The lovely Barbara
Bouchet has a delightful sex-scene with dito genre favourite Rosalba Neri and then some more Bouchet nude,
but the text on the sleeve is just misleading (and made up nonsense) as this film isn't a sleaze bomb (well, a bit
maybe ...). It's a Crime drama with some sex and floating at the rim of the Giallo genre perimeter.
The film is beautifully photographed with atmospheric warm colors and with Venice as a background. I especially
liked the duck-hunt sequence from somewhere out in the city's marshland delta. And, the camera, if this can be
possible, seems to make love with Barbara Bouchet and that's great as she's in every scene in the whole film.

American secretary Greta Franklin arrives to Venice, Italy, to help the famous author Richard Stuart (Farley
Granger) typewriting his latest novel. He lives in a grand villa on an island outside of Venice together with his
lover Eleanora (Rosalba Neri) and his servant Giovanni (Umberto Raho, obviously the best actor in the film).
But, she's really there to sleuth around the mansion, looking into the disappearance of his latest secretary, Sally,
an old friend (and possibly lesbian lover) to Greta. Will Greta solve the mystery, will she take part in Richard's
turning-into-orgies parties or will curiosity kill the cat? There is only one giallo-type of murder in this film.

widescreen 2.35:1, english or italian dub audio PCM stereo 2.0 (the english audio sounded most natural to me)
Some nice extras: An Icon Amuck: Interview with Barbara Bouchet (20 minutes in english), Death in Venice:
An interview with Rosalba Neri (16 minutes in italian with english subs), Barbara Bouchet: Questions and
Answers from the Festival of Fantastic Films (23 minutes in english, 2013) and finally a Booklet with text

Comments on the extras: LOVELY. Just lovely. Bouchet is smart and funny, very eloquent and Rosalba Neri
is very sweet and likeable ... and with a good memory. Two 70 + ladies that are super fun to listen to


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