Alley Cat (1984)

German Al!ve 2017 DVD edition with reversible sleeve to avoid the german film censors by law obligatory FSK category marking

Text below written 2018-10-18

The Strange Case of the B movie actress Lost


You have to love Germany who releases a forgotten and ultra-obscure 1980's gem like this, trash cinema at it's best. I guess the sole reason
for Alley Cat to have become something of a cult movie for psychotronic film lovers, and surely only for a very small part of this crowd then,
is Karin Mani. Yes, and her physical beauty. Sorry. I'm deeply sorry for what i'm about to say now and all people sensitive for disgusting
male chauvinism, stop reading NOW....

I'm sure the main reason for this film being made was Karin Mani's pair of mindblowing boobs, sorry but that's the truth, she was a gorgeous
brunette with a nice overbite (just like Gene Tierney, my favourite actress from the 1940's) and besides her sweater puppies she seems to
have mastered some martial arts fighting moves, like judo. This film fits in with the ever so popular Death Wish formula, and like a female
Charles Bronson she beats the crap out of rapists attacking jogging women and avenges the killing of her relatives (grandparents).

at the diner at the dojo

Karin's movie career was unfortunately very brief and IMDB gives little info about her. She did some small parts in TV series and in film she
seems to have made only 2 roles, the main role in Alley Cat and a very small but VERY memorable part in the 1985 Avenging Angel, the 2nd
film in the crappy female revenge 1980's Angel saga. I had this to say about Avenging Angel (seen more about in my Horror section page 3):

"In the beginning of the film a police woman with nice boobs (seen only briefly, sadly, but no more nudity after that) gets killed whereby the
killers get hold over her list containing the names of corrupt policemen bought by the mob ....
No, no, sorry, there's no extras with 30 minutes of topless footage of that police woman Janie played by Karin Mani but after looking up IMDB
i saw she's the star of her own trashmovie, the martial arts exploitation action Alley Cat from 1984. Her beauties, though seen only for some
seconds, are the best thing about Avenging Angel really, or is it just me? "

No, it wasn't just me. My God, she was spectacular and she ranks up there with Barbi Benton carrying the 8th and 9th wonders of the world.
She's certainly a contender for Miss 8th & 9th Wonders of the World along with Mathilda May in Life Force, Natasha Henstridge in
Species or Barbi Benton in Hospital Massacre and Deathstalker

She wasn't a Playboy model though as Barbi, and Karin don't seem to have modelled at all. A strong integrity perhaps, and she married some
actor, Paul Flattery, in 1986 and disappeared from the film scene. Who was she? Something of an enigma this female fighter goddess and i
really, really would've loved to see a restored blu-ray of Alley Cat with tons of extras including an interview with Karin Mani Flattery.
She's not totally lost after all, she's on Facebook, so let's make it happen ....

Did she practise martial arts? Karate? Judo? Did she model? Why so few films ? Questions, questions.

OK, the story:

Karin Mani plays the role of Billie, Belinda Clarke, and i have no idea what she does for a living, but she trains some martial art and she jogs
a lot at night dressed in a track-suit. During a run through the park she stops a rape and gives the perps a beating.
The rapists are henchmen under the leader Phil the Scarface (Michael Wayne) and the gang attacks and kill one of Billies grandparents, so
her revenge is coming. However, the rapists are let loose by the court and a furious Billie is jailed for contempt of court. OK, that's so unfair
but still highly necessary for the WIP film regular and much beloved genre element - The Shower Scene, and boy, is Karin Mani luscious.

Billie in jail

A Sleazy exploitation crime action it may be with lots of nudity, including the beautiful Britt Helfer as a hooker, and with lots of bad acting.
But, Karin Mani is perfectly OK as an actress and her boyfriend Johnny The Cop (Robert Torti) is likeable, Michael Wayne as the Bad Guy
is almost OK too, and Johnny's disgusting corrupt colleague cop Boyle (Jon Greene) is delightfully nasty.

The film is very badly written and ineptly directed and often too darkly shot, and the 3 guys stated as directors surely is a witness of a
troubled shooting. But the glorious presence of Karin Mani forgives everything and makes this female revenge B action a delight to watch.
Yeah, for a creep like me that is. Most "normal" people would think this film is nothing but absolute garbage, so a warning if you're normal

Enigmatic Karin Mani had a hypnotic screen presence (for most males anyway) and it's a mystery that not any sequel with her as Alley Cat
was made. Aaaah, just think about it, Karin punishing and kicking bad guys en masse .... and taking a shower now and then.
Alley Cat? She's called that by Phil The Scarface after his henchmen has called her a tigress, after being beaten up badly. Phil will turn her
into just a harmless alley cat. He doesn't succeed to well with this task however. Powerful Billie is not to be stopped.

This bare bones German 2017 DVD edition is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with a DD 2.0 stereo english audio. No extras. region 2 PAL


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