Agent Mr. Chan (Dong du te gong, 2018)

Hong Kong Panorama Corporation DVD edition

This is the first film i see with, for me unknown, film comedian Dayo Wong, something of a B version of Stephen Chow perhaps.
OK, this is not a good film that has to be said. You have to turn off your Brain to enjoy it.
But if you have really low expectations you may enjoy it. I found it to be Trashy and Stupid and Nonsense and .... somewhat fun.

Dayo Chi Wah Wong plays Secret Agent Mr. Chan and makes fun of the famous James Bond intro credits scene (and i think
Stephen Chow already did that in his "From Beijing with Love") . In 1997 Agent Chan went undercover to get an arms-dealer
and in the operation he dumped the bad guy's goddaughter on her wedding day. The result: He bungled the operation and got
thrown out of the Agency together with his buddy Genius (Sze-Kwan Cheng) and ... he got a deadly enemy in the rejected bride
Heung (Charmaine Sheh). She became a police boss and did everything to make Chan's life as miserable as possible.

Dayo Wong and Charmaine Sheh

21 years later she's still furious that handsome Agent Chan (or so he himself thinks) broke their marriage wows. Chan and his buddy
Genius has managed to earn a living by nailing cheating husbands (as in the ultra-trashy US TV show "Cheaters").
But, when Heung's uncle, the Finance Secretary (Lawrence Cheng, legendary HK film comedian himself in a bunch of trash comedies)
starts acting very strange to finally commit suicide, she re-instates Chan as Secret Agent Mr. Chan to investigate the case.
Chan is back in style with his colleague assistant Genius, and they find leads pointing to the Internet phenomena Girl Group "Happy
Girls" with unhappy guitarist Angela (Cecilia So) and the groups legions of male geek fans.

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen with cantonese audio DD 5.1 and english subtitles, teaser, trailer and a featurette, region 3


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