No.1 or Nothing (?) or One or No-One (?)

The cute young Silvia García in front (and probably before her Silvia Superstar nom de plume) on this great Galician
groups last album Una o Nínguna from 1991. The band formed in the early 1980's by i.a. Miguel Costas and they disbanded
in 1992, and the other girl on the sleeve is Rosa Costas (Miguel's sister?).

As seen in many Youtube videos, the band seem to re-unite off and on, and Silvia can be seem singing with them also
sometimes Yes, Wiki says the band has started playing again in 2011 and making new records.

Don't miss the live concert for TV from 1991 (on Youtube) where a young and adorable Silvia can be seen singing at the front

This legendary Galician group had some GREAT songs in the pop-punk vein, and sounds something like an early Spanish
sort of 1976-1978 era Blondie perhaps. AF is my third favourite spanish group after
1. The Killer Barbies 2. Juniper Moon


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