A Bullet For the General (Quien Sabe?, 1967)

US Blue Underground DVD

For a Spaghetti western a quite political film, unusual and very, very good. Darkly brutal, epically grand and masterful.
Without a doubt one of the greatest entries to the genre.

It's the time of the (one of the times) Mexican revolution and the film starts off with a massacre when a gang of brutal
killers and weapon thieves attacks a train. The gang is lead by a man called Chuncho (a very good Gian Maria Volonté)
and one of the members are a priest (Klaus Kinski) and a woman called Adelita (Martine Beswick) and they are stealing
weapons for selling to the Revolution leaders.
A cool young american, El Niño (Lou Castel) also hangs out with Chuncho's gang.

A very good spaghetti western, a very good western and a very good film this for sure is and it's one of my western
All Time favourites. Only Once Upon a Time in the West is better, and this film is a good example of how the Italians
deconstructed and re-created the Western genre and put some new life into the conservative and stuffy old US films.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with an english audio, international trailer and a US trailer


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