Abrakadabra (2018)

Italian Otok Video 2019 Blu-ray edition

An Onetti Brothers Neo-Giallo, and these Argentinians doesn't make their gialli movies the usual way. It has got a great soundtrack
with sometimes progressive parts and it's arty, confusing, strange or unusual and very interesting. Exciting with the Onetti stamp of style.
The film is a co-production between Argentina, New Zeeland and Mexico (... what? an odd combination of countries) and this Italian
Blu-ray has got only a from English dubbed into Italian audio with English subtitles.

After having watched only one film by them before, their 2013 Sonno Profondo, a film that i found to be ... eeh, a strange neo-giallo but
arty in a somewhat fresh way i had only so-so expectations for this film, and i haven't seen their 2015 "Francesca" yet.

WARNING ! I'm sure most people hate a Neo-Giallo being done like this. My tastes can maybe be a bit odd sometimes BUT i really,
really appreciate when filmmakers have their "own" vision of how a film should be done, and Onetti Brothers for sure makes a Neo-Giallo
their own way. Luciano and Nicolas has directed, co-produced and co-scripted it. Luciano has also composed the soundtrack and edited
the film, and he helped with some of the cinematography too.
Abrakadabra certainly sounds (soundtrack by Luciano Onetti) and looks (due to cinematographer Carlos Goitia) fantastic. An Arty but
Fascinating Neo-Giallo with audio-visuals that impress. I liked it but most viewers will dislike it i'm sure. Feverish and captivating. Strange.

Dante The Great

The film starts out in Turin 1951 with a Magic act and when the sharp-shooting trick "The Bullet Catch" goes terribly wrong and the
magician, Dante the Great is killed. Then we jump ahead into the early 1980's and when Lorenzo Mancini (German Baudino) the son of
Dante has his own magic act.
But, the night before Lorenzo's premiere a murder has ocurred on the theatre stage upon which Lorenzo
performs and a woman was stabbed with knives, by a perp using "The Box and the Swords" gadget.
Police detective Fabrizio (Gustavo D'Allesandro) questions Lorenzo about the victim and if he knew her, but Lorenzo says no. Just
before his show is about to begin Lorenzo receives an anonymous letter with a card saying - 1951. His girfriend Antonella (Maria Eugenia
Rigon) is also Lorenzo's Magic Act assistant and soon the victims starts to pile up, a woman losing her head in a mini guillotine etc.

The Onetti's has evolved their style

Onetti uses a lot of unusual or arty camera angles, genre typical close-ups, strong colors, J&B whisky bottles and a red telephone.
The end was confusing and i'm not sure if i really got it, but i liked it that way. Strange but nice.
Abrakadabra reminds me of their earlier Neo-Giallo Sonno Profondo visually, but when that film was slightly annoying here the Onetti's
has evolved their style of filmmaking and reached another level artistically.
However, be careful as i'm sure many, if not most, viewers will hate this film.

This Italian Blu-ray edition of the film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and with a dubbed (from English) Italian DTS HD MA
5.1 or 2.0 audio. The film is Short, only 69-70 minutes and with end credits rolling in slow-mo to pad it out.
Extras: Abrakadabra Raw: Behind the Scenes (11 minutes, Spanish audio, no subs), Gallery and Trailers for all 3 Onetti films


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