A Blueprint for Murder (1953) / The Steel Trap (1952)

Spanish Cine Club Channel DVD edition

Text below written 2020-06-23

A Blueprint for Murder
(1953) Direction: Andrew L. Stone

A pretty good thriller where Whitney Cameron (Joseph Cotten) is a business man and soon on his way to Venezuela but first he visits his sister-in-law,
Lynn (Jean Peters) and his nephew and niece. But the girl, Polly, is ill and in terrible pains and she dies in convulsions, and exactly in the same manner
as once her father, Whitney's brother Bill did. A nasty death.

Maggie and Fred are friends of Whitney - Cam and Maggie sports the theory that poisoning could be involved somehow, strychnine perhaps?
Finally Cam understands that if both of Bill's kids die his dead brother's money will go to Lynn. One kid to go.
But, is Lynn, the main obvious suspect really the guilty one? If Lynn and the remaining kid dies, then Cam (Cotten) will get the money.
Maggie and Fred looks slightly suspicious too, or are they just bad actors ? Who's the poison killer ?

DVD in 4:3 fullscreen, black & white, english mono audio. No extras besides the Booklet.

Pic from Booklet with pictures and text in Spanish

The Steel Trap (1952) Direction: Andrew L. Stone

Fine bank robbery thriller where Joseph Cotten plays bank manager James Osborne, Jim or JC who has been a faithful employe for 11 long years.
He starts thinking about how he would rob his bank and where to go with the loot. If he was a robber naturally, which he isn't ... yet. But soon
he knows how to do it, how to steal from the vault and then go to Brazil, a country without any extradition treaty with the US.

So, JC who lives in a suburban house with his nice wife Laura (Teresa Wright) tell her that he suddenly has got a manager job in Rio de Janeiro
and that they have to leave immediately. His plan is to empty a safe in the bank vault just before the weekend and to be far away when the Bank
re-opens on Monday. But will he get their passports with visas in time. and will they catch the plane ? Will Laura finally get suspicious ?

I really liked this Bank robbery thriller. Joseph Cotten was great (as always) and likeable, and Teresa Wright as his lojal and unknowing wife
was just lovely, very good. A sweet married couple in their early middle age makes you worry for them, how will it end?

DVD in 4:3 fullscreen, black & white, english mono audio. No extras besides the Booklet.

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