A Black Veil for Lisa (1968)

US Olive Films DVD

A Great John Mills as the cop plagued by doubts of his wife's marital fidelity

Aaah, thanks Olive Films for still bothering to dig up forgotten Film Noir and Eurocrime as this one (under a
license from Paramount), and it's a pity that your films get ripped and put on Youtube. Soon there will be No
film companies bothering to restore and release this old treasures on DVD or Bluray discs, or even as Video
on Demand streams. I had never heard of this film when buying it, but i certainly had heard of the director
Massimo Dallamano, famous for duo What Have You Done ... and What Have They Done ... in 1972-1974
and this was his 2nd directed film and i knew the luscious actress Paluzzi vaguely from the Thunderball movie.

Luscious Luciana

This film starts out as an OK but maybe not very exciting Cops vs. Drug Criminals flick, when German Interpol
cop Inspector Bulov (John Mills) investigates the murders of their inside (the drug mob) snitchers. The Place is
Hamburg and the Interpol narcotics cops tries to find evidence against the presumed drug lord Schouerman,
but the Bad Guys always seems to be one step ahead and picks off the police's connections.
Bulov leads the investigation very un-successfully and already from the start of the film, he has got a worried look
on his face (see pic above) and the cause of that isn't any killed off snitches but worries about his wife Lisa.

Lisa and Max

Lisa Bulov (Luciana Paluzzi) is much younger than the Inspector and maybe much too beautiful and glamourous to
be suitable for the tired policeman. He constantly worries about her possible un-faithfulness and her having hot sex
affairs with younger men. At home, they bicker all the time, he calls her from work again and again without her
answering the phone and his jealousy makes their marital life a hell. She feels trapped.
Lisa also has a past, with earlier connections to the Hamburg drug world and criminal gangs, so could Lisa be the
leak that causes the police snitches to die?

Bulov and Max

After a while we get to know who the drug gangs Hitman is, he's Max (Robert Hoffman) and Bulov finally manages
to arrest him. BUT, on his way back to the Police Headquarter with the killer this film starts Twisting and takes a
U-turn. Bulov's jealousy has made him cross a line into madness, and he now frees Max and order him to murder
his wife Lisa for her supposed extra-marital affairs. Film Noir at it's best and Inspector Bulov is now the Bad Guy.

Then the film twists it's way to the end. Great stuff to be a forgotten B-Crime and with really Great acting from -
1. John Mills as the haunted by jealousy Inspector Bulov
2. Luciana Paluzzi as the luscious and somewhat enigmatic Lisa. Those eyes of her ... hypnotic
3. Robert Hoffman as the smooth and good looking killer

Nice picture quality on the DVD and this gem can be found on a US Blu-ray also (but then i think in region A).
There were some sensational redheads in Eurocrime and Giallo in the 1960's-1970's, those were the days ...
widescreen 1.78:1, english audio and no extras

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