99 (2009)

India Shemaroo DVD

The One and Only - The Great Boman Irani

Text below written 2016-03-19

No, the somewhat under the radar 99 proved to be no coincidence when these talented guys hit it in 2011 with
one of the best films of the year - Shor in the City (more about this film see Bollywood page 1).

Cool. Funny. Boman Irani. 99 is a great crime-comedy with some heist elements to it, here are all sorts of
grifters in pursuit of the Big Money and great actors portraying them, especially The Über Great Boman Irani
who lifts this film on his shoulders - I LOVE Boman Irani, he's always spot on in his characterizations.
He really is great as the moneytrader Rahul Vidyarthi, dumped by his wife and in the debt to moneylending
crime bosses in Delhi as in Bombay, but still absolutely certain that his theories about gambling will give
him the fortune that he deserves. And, beware of the taxi's in Delhi driven by shady men who want's nothing
else than ripping off confused Mumbai tourists ...there are not any meters in them, so watch out!

2 young men and smalltime grifters in Mumbai, Sachinder (Kunal Khemu) och Zaramud (Cyrus Broacha) earns
their living by duplicating SIM cards to mobile phones, and when the police suddenly raids them they steal a car
and escapes. But, they accidently smash the car in an accident and unfortunately for them the car, a luxury
model Mercedes, belongs to the much feared bookmaker, moneylender gangster boss AGM (played by a
great Manesh Manjrekar) and to pay off their debt (50 staggering lakhs) they've to work for him as money-
collectors, well, he could've killed them but instead offers them work, he's a nice guy for being a killer.

Zaramud and Sachin (Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Khemu)

Now, they've to go to Delhi and collect some debts and they're not too enthusiastic about it, as they really wants
to be independent as before, but they better find some scheme to pay their debt to AGM and be free.
Now they meet the first man on the collect list - Rahul Vidyarthi (Boman Irani) and he ows AGM 22 lakhs
- 22 lakhs, that's appr. 33 00 USD, and the boys they owe AGM of 50 lakhs or about 75 000 USD for the car.
But, even though Rahul has got no money, he has a plan, that genius plan is to "borrow" 20 lakhs from a client
at his money trading office and then, following his scientific gambling methods to bet everything on an Indian
cricket game, and it can only end one way - total and utter disaster, and they loose these money too.

So, this Heist buddy trio, or quartet if you count the hotel employee Pooja (Soha Ali Khan) future girlfriend of
Sachin, now ows 99 lakh rupees. The Great Gambling Master Rahul 49 lakh (22 to AGM, 20 to his client and
7 to the local Delhi moneylender Kuber (Amit Mistry) and the duo 50 lakh to AGM for the car.
They better work something out, and fast, as AGM and Kuber are getting annoyed and they're trigger happy.

Also, in this colorful gallery are Rahul's battered wife Jahnavi (Simone Singh), a film actor and the match-fixer
JC (Veteran Vinod Khanna). One thing i didn't understand was when the gang visited a film production in
Delhi and Rahul asked the to AGM depted actor why he didn't do hindi films anymore (in Bollywood?).
A film made in Delhi would be a hindi film also, wouldn't it? Maybe the subs were wrong here.
anamorphic widescreen, hindi 5.1 audio with english subs, a transparent Shemaroo logo in the down corner
Extra: Making Of without subs but with a mix of hindi and english (23 min), 4 Music videos and a Promo


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