5 Donne per l'assassino (Five Women for the Killer, 1974)

US DVD edition

A stylish, somewhat in the Argento vein, a bit sleazy and brutal B giallo with a very fine soundtrack from Giorgio Gaslini that takes place in Pavia,
Lombardy, Italia, directed by Stelvio Massi (the man behind The Case of the Bloody Iris and many Eurocrime - Poliziotto films).

This alt. market US DVD had an OK VHS quality, but what should one do when proper releases are missing of these more rare gialli. As always i
much prefer to watch it on a public domain DVD with cool sleeve art than on Youtube in a blurry stream with possible ads annoying you.

Giorgio Pisani (Francis Matthews) arrives by plane and rushes home and to the deliverance of his child. But, he's met by a tragic scene
when his wife Erica has died giving birth to his son. The child is treated at the hospital (put in an incubator) and under the auspices of family
friend/member Dr. Lydia Franzi (Pascal Rivault), the wife of Fabrizio (Alessandro Quasimodo), Erica's brother.
Giorgio is a journalist and writer and accordingly to his medical journal he's sterile so the child may not be his. Professor Aldo Betti (Giorgio
Albertazzi) who runs the clinic, has a love affair with the nurse Sofia (Gabriella Lepori) and is married to Elena, who's sterile too.

Giorgio follows a foreign woman home, Tiffany (Ilona Staller as Elena Mercuri, the future porn star Cicciolina). They have sex and she tells him that
she's pregnant only to be found dead the day after brutallay mutilated with her womb cut up.

Ilona Staller

Then other women follows, revealing that they are pregnant. Oriana (Catherine Diamant) a journalist at the paper where Giorgio works, Sofia, the
nurse and finally Giorgio's nanny and lover Alba Galli (Katia Christine) and more women are murdered and cut up by a black-gloved killer.
Yet again, investigating police inspector in a giallo film is Howard Ross (or Renato Rossini) and he wonders about the motive behind the murders.
Could Giorgio be the killer because of his sterility and possible hatred against fertile women, naa, it wouldn't be that easy in a giallo would it?
Elena then? The bitter wife of Dr. Betti, not able to have a child and possibly with murderous intents against her husbands lover Sofia?

Well, there are brutal killings, nudity, J&B whisky bottles, gloves and a lot of red herrings thrown at us. A bit sleazy and B-ish but great watch giallo
The film had OK VHS picture quality and an italian audio mono with english subtitles, and the screen ratio was a slightly cropped widescreen


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