3 Gold Girls (2004)

German Mascotte 2004 DVD edition

This is as close to a religious experience i've been in many years, watching the film that became the hot topic of the gymnastic world.

Nude Gymnastics - sublimely sensual with ex-wordclass Romanian gymnasts doing their exercises. All lovers of female beauty and
breasts will certainly get dizzy watching all the bouncing. Just hypnotic and a victory for the deranged minds of Japanese photographers
(and pornographers) to come up with such a brilliant and demented idea, and the film became a big success in Japan. Obviously Japan
must be the one country with connaisseurs of true art .... or not.

Milo and Corina on the Beam; Milo in the Romanian national team leotard

Innocent and totally un-obscene (but who am i to say, i could be just a pervert) and very sensual for the sport nerd (and, when i wrote
this initially in 2008 i watched the olympics in Beijing and the Gymnastic events).
A totally unique and seemingly deranged project from some japanese geniuses .... or degenerates, who offered 3 Romanian gymnasts,
superstars and gold medallists in the 1990's gymnastics a hefty sum to show us their exercises slightly undressed. Good publicity for
Romania i would think, who wouldn't want to travel there after seing these goddesses ?

These agile beauties are no other gymnasts than 1. The legendary Milo - Lavinia Milosovici (born 1976) at left on the sleeve, the 19 time
world championship and olympic medallist, and the last one to receive a 10.0 score in a Olympic tournament.
Lavinia really has got some charisma and she's gorgeous. 2. Corina Ungureanu (born 1980) in the middle on the sleeve,
a world champion-
ships medallist that had to abort her career due to a back injury and who was in Romanian Playboy in 2000, and 3. Claudia Presecan (born
1979) an olympic gold medallist she too.

Perfect Beauty: The Lovely Milosovici on the Beam in underwear and then topless

We get to see the girls exercise and then perform their stuff in events as the Floor exercise, the Balance Beam, the Uneven Bars and Vault.
They are dressed in the Romanian national team leotards - which rendered them a 5 year ban from their work as coaches, then in frilly silk
underwear, and finally gloriously topless. The film seems to be filmed in a gymnastics sport arena, and probably situated in Japan.
There is no dialogue, only some short comments between the girls in romanian, and it's filmed very professionally (as always when
japanese staff is involved). The film lovingly depicts the girls from every possible angle and naturally also in slow motion (yes, probably
slow mo was made for this purpose), and some sort of New Age-ish music is floating in the background over the proceedings.

Perfect Beauty: Claudia Presecan and Corina Ungureanu in their Floor exercises

Me: Nude Gymnastics ! Could that be a great idea for a new Olympic sport event ?
A Sceptic: No, Nooo, please. Elite female gymnasts have no female forms and most often look like pre-teen girls due to the extreme training
they undergo. That would be a sport for pedophiles
Me: I know how to solve that. To prevent pre-teen looking girls from participating the judges handling out the scores could be stevedores
gathered from the nearest harbor or contruction workers from some building site.
A Sceptic: I'm convinced, you are a genius. A new sport is born

And think about the possibilities .... Nude figure skating, nude pole vault, nude golf, nude fencing (dangerous though), nude etc. etc.

The film is presented in 4:3 fullscreen, playtime 98 minutes, region free.
It was released in Japan 2002 as Gold Birds, and became a huge success, it was followed by Euro Angels and 3 Gold Girls is a re-edited
version of the japanese DVD and was released in Germany in 2004.

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