13 B (2009)

India Big Home Video DVD edition

Ha, ha, ha, for once a funny and smart Bollywood horror-comedy.

The builder, architect or constructor, Mannu or Manoj (a great R. Madhavan) has invested in a new and big
apartment along with his brother where they live with their big and happy families. The 2 brothers has taken some
huge bank loans to afford it with a 20 year payment plan.
Manu shares the apartment no. 13 B with his lovely wife Priya (my personal favourite Neetu Chandra), his mother
(Poonam Dhillon), his younger teenage sister Divya, his brother, brothers wife and 2 children. And everythings well
besides some annoying small things.

Mannu can never get a proper cup of tea as the milk always turn sour, you can't hang any paintings on the wall as it
won't accept any nails regardless of any driller machine and the elevator works fine for anyone else besides Mannu
so he has to walk up and down all the 13 floors. His neighbours dog won't enter his apartment afraid of something.
His wife, mother and sister-in-law doesn't work and has one big common interest - to watch the daytime TV soap
but they can only watch one channel, channel 13's Eye TV and at 1 pm they start to watch the new soap opera Sab
(Everything's Fine) an addictive show about a Big family just like theirs.

Above: The talented and lovely Neetu Chandra

For some reason everythings that's happening in the TV show does then happen also in Mannu's family, but only
Mannu gets it. The "actors" in the show has got 1970's clothes and Mannu decides to visit the Eye TV Studio and
the recording of the show. The Show recorded is a game show and it's just them, the Mannu family in apartment
13 B that gets to see this 1970's family soap. Terrible things happen in the program and Mannu has to watch to
be able to save his family. What's up? Is it ghosts that want to tell them something or just bad Vaast (feng shui)?

Mannu decides to seek the help from parapsychological expert Dr. Shinde (Sachin Khedekar) and they find out
that 30 years earlier there was a family living on their address were all members were killed by the maniac Ashok
(played by Deepak Dobriyal) who used a sledgehammer doing it. A nasty massacre.
One of my favourite moments of the film are when the women is watching the episode with the massacre and have
to turn off the TV set because of the sudden gore. Can Mannu save his family from re-living the massacre ?

An inspired story and script from Vikram K. Kumar and great fun in something resembling a really good episode
of The Twilight Zone. anamorphic widescreen, 5.1 or 2.0 hindi with english subs, song/dance numbers with
english subs also, a small logo can be seen in the upper right corner sometimes. R. Madhavan is a tamil film star
that also does hindi films as Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots and other Blockbuster Hits as Tanu Weds Manu (2011) and
Tanu Weds manu returns (2015) with Kangana Ranaut.
More info about the lovely and talented Neetu Chandra - see under Apartment on Bollywood page 1

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