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OK! For all of you lovers of Cool, Trashy and Feel Good punk rock power pop garage bands in the same vein as The Ramones, Rezillos or The Cramps,
here's Spain's greatest rock band .... Ever. The Killer Barbies may not be the greatest group in the world, sure, admittedly they're no The Pixies, but they
were/are the most Lovable, Cute, Fun and Charming one. As for any other cool Spanish rock-band they were something of an Espana secret, but did have
a small fan base also in Germany and after appearing in Jess Franco's Killer Barbys with their great Love Killer, some international fame came to them.
This great Galician band from Vigo and who had a fan in rock and roll icon Joey Ramone.
They are fronted by the Spanish Lady of rock music, the icon, the gorgeous, the One and Only Silvia Superstar and the band has been silent for over a
decade now, but, they may not be disbanded yet. Let's hope they are only taking a long rest and will have a glorious return someday.

A Young Silvia Garcia Pintos singing in a 1991 concert with Aerolineas Federales

100 % Fun
100 % Sex Appeal
100 % Cool Punk-Rock-Pop



Aerolineas Federales were a classic spanish New Wave post-punk band
from Vigo. Started by Miguel Costas 1981 with first album 1986 incl. the
punk-pop evergreen Soy una punk

Before Silvia started the Barbies with Billy King, and before she was known
as Silvia Superstar , she was Silvia García Pintos and was born 1970 in Vigo,
Pontevedra, Galicia. In 1989 she joined the GREAT and legendary group
Aerolíneas Federales, as one of 2 singers (the other was Rosa Costas) ,
The Aerolinettes. After the 1991 album "Una o Nínguna" the group disbanded


Above you can hear a 13 min long concert with The Aerolineas Federales
and it's live and for TV and they're performing some of their best songs.
Among them No sigas mi camino. It's lovely pop-punk and Silvia is adorable.
She was on her way to great things

Elefant records released an attractively packaged collection album some
years ago and i missed it, it sold out in seconds. AF are legends

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Los Pontiaks

Finally some really good news from legendary Killer Barbies drummer/songwriter Billy King

A New Group - Los Pontiaks with Billy on drums, André Loud-Rider guitar and Mr. Cobra on bass plays surf rock and psychobilly
Their first record EP Psycho-Sonic-Boogie with 1. Gorillas A-Go-Go 2. Sin combustible 3. Chicas Pendejar was released may 8th 2015

Listen to these really cool songs Download it Watch their Youtube videos Sin Combustible with Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! footage
and Gorillas A-Go-Go with footage from an old El Santo movie ................... Surf Rock Psychobilly - Just What We Need

Listen to Los Pontiaks Sin Combustible on their Facebook page


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100 % Fun
100 % Sex Appeal
100 % Cool Punk-Rock-Pop


El Grupo - Louder, Faster and Sexier

The groups core all since the start is the duo Billy King (Antonio Domínguez),
a great drummer providing that important heavy beat and spanish punk queen
and trashrock icon, singer Silvia Superstar (Silvia García Pintos) both from Vigo.
Silvia were during the 1990's -2000's undisputedly the sexiest most charismatic
female singer in rock since the days of Debbie Harry.

Not the greatest voice in any way, but she (and we) couldn't care less about that.
That spanish accent of hers is so sexy when she sings in english, and in spanish
(or gallego) she's even better, and she would be adorable in cantonese too.
The group's only - almost - hits were Love Killer and (They Come From ) Mars.
In the latter mighty fun music video, evil marsians can be seen shooting nuns
and abducting the sweet and very innocent Silvia.

The first time i heard TKB was in then turned schlock-maestro Jess Franco's
horror-musical-comedy Killer Barbys somewhere around 2001-2002, and i was
hooked to their energetic and happy style of rock'n roll ... and in love with Silvia.
The US Shriek Show horror dvd included their killer music video - Mars and a
nice interview with the very sympathetic couple Silvia and Billy


El Grupo - Aaah, they're were mighty cute ...

They made their debut in 1994 with the single I Wanna Live in Tromaville,
a declaration of love to their beloved and fun Psychotronic Trash Culture and
something of the group's Credo. The group's latest and greatest album were
The Mighty Sin is In from 2003 - and it's very much recommended, a great,
great album it is, released by Germany label Drakkar.

Then we heard nothing until the spanish tribute album to Tom Petty in 2005
were the band contributed with an unjustly ignored killer version of A Thing
About You. And then we heard Nothing more of The Killer Barbies and it seems
as the group is No more, it has ceased to be, R.I.P. beautiful Barbies.
But according to Silvia they haven't disbanded but are only taking a rest.

Silvia though, has been acting in films as (Ellos Robaron la picha de Hitler) and
on spanish TV. She has been singing with her old pre-Barbies band Aerolineas
Federales and with other artists on some gigs and she has prepared her solo
projects. In february 2009 her first solosingle Less Love was released and a über
cool music video - See below, and her soloalbum followed.


Today Silvia's in her 4th decade as a performing musician and even though she must be in her middle age she continues doing what she does
best - to write catchy punk-pop songs and to Rock & Roll all around Spain and to act in films. She's must rightly by her talent and endurance to
be regarded as the Statesman or Stateswoman of Spanish Punk. May her inspiration continue for many years to come.

BUT - even though Silvia has a good time playing with a bunch of younger talented musicians i can't help thinking of HOW a re-united Killer
Barbies would sound like today. What astonishing songs would the genius of the duo Billy King and Silvia Superstar come up with ?

May The Beautiful Barbies one day return and show all boring nowadays cutie-cute and arty (they're probably architects the whole bunch)
spanish indie bands what REAL Pop-Punk ENERGY sounds like (and yes, i don't mean Juniper Moon as they're were fantastic, but split up 2004)


..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....

Below, Milf Silvia can be seen and
heard as Little Red Riding Hood in
a music video on Youtube.

It's her 2nd single from her solo
album - Queen Bitch and it's almost
as fun and cool as "Less Love"
when Silvia is doing her best Nancy
Sinatra & Toni Basil turned psycho-
tronic impersonation


In february 2009 it was time ... finally
... after many years of silence on the
record front, for her solo record.

Less love - the first single from her
forthcoming solo album.
Watch the youtube musicvideo below,
it's Pure Power and Orgasmic fun


Poster with beautiful Silvia in the bath

2 Musicians in the main roles, Silvia and Elodio Santos from
Elodio y los Seres Queridos. Does this film look good? Well ...
N, but Silvia with red hair and in a galician turnip western is
something to see. The man behind the film music is Paco Seren
and the rock'n roll queen of Galicia is singing something i guess.


Naipe de Sangue
(Playing Cards of Blood, 2010)
directed by José Ballesta and Miguel Anxo Fernández

Besides being a great rocksinger, songwriter, musician,
TV-hostess and a gorgeous model Silvia's also acting in
films, early on in a galician cannibal horror, then in 2
efforts from the spanish filmlegend Jésus "Jess" Franco
and in a Franco-esque trash movie (They Stole Hitler's Dick
and now in the main role in the first galician, not spaghetti
but, turnip western
(for swedish readers: ung.. en kålrotswestern).

Her early film role mentioned above was in "Cannibals de los
Garrulos Lisérgicos" and she was a very popular hostess on
the galician (?) TV show Xabarin Club.
The 2 Franco movies were Killer Barbys in 1996 and Killer
Barbys vs. Dracula in 2003. The Hitler's Dick movie directed
by Pedro Temboury 2006
"Ellos Robaron la Picha de Hitler"



After preparing her 1st solo project, writing, producing and playing many of the
instruments on a bunch of her new songs, her solo album was released in 2009
(see below for more info about the songs).
2 singles was released and 2 great music videos to these can be seen above on Youtube

Silvia has then played a lot of concerts in a lot of places with a lot of different musicians
and also performed with her old band, the legendary galician punk-pop band Aerolineas
Federales on certain reunion occassions (?). She can also be seen singing together with
Vinila von Bismark. However, i haven't seen her any time with the great Billy King besides
that he wrote 3 of the songs on her solo album

She gathered some new musicians around her (Kiki Tornado, Paul Rhodes, Nico Alvarez)
and released her new EP record in 2012 - Silvia Superstar & The Fabulous, with 4 songs
Breakaway, Fever, Diamonds are a girls best friend and The Cramps Goo Goo Muck.
These songs 3 out of 4 seems to be in the Retro Nancy Sinatra on crack type 50-60's style
(in a positive way) which can be seen in her rock/night-club performances on Youtube.
But Silvia has been doing Retro classics before with the Barbies, as the great Downtown


The Silvia Superstar Solo Album (on Pias records, recorded at Gongsound studio, Vigo 2008) - BUY IT!

Thanks Great Silvia for this nice album of 10 minimalistic and charmingly unpretentious rock-punk-pop songs with an electro
staccato twist to it. In the same fun trash-culture pantheon as always with Silvia, she certainly knows her world of Psychotronic art.
Billy King wrote 3 of the songs on the album.
My favourites Less Love (should've been a HUGE HIT in a better world than this cesspool of ours), Hell or Heaven, One More Time,
I've Got a Machine Gun and the outro Less Love Lounge with it's beautiful space sound, and yes, i just love the glockenspiel effects
.... very nice Silvia, very nice indeed. Great work!

A small excerpt of records from the group's discography below, and some DVD's. Click on links for bigger pictures and more info


Great compilation CD with
13 of their songs including
Lovekiller, They Come From
Mars, Rage och Lost Control

The Killer Barbies (CD)

Bad Taste

Production year: 2000 Germany
Company: Drakkar; sung in english

Their last and mighty great
album with 13 songs incl.
Down the Street, Wake Up,
Soy Mala, Apreder a Volar
and the video of Candy

The Killer Barbies (CD)

Sin Is In

Production year: 2003 Germany
Company: Drakkar; sung in spanish and english

DVD with music videos, live
concert footage, behind the
scenes stuff and a bonus CD
with music and picture gallery

The Killer Barbies (DVD + CD)


Production year: 2004 Germany
Company: Drakkar; sung in spanish and english. DVD - PAL

Silvia Superstar, spanish
punk queen and the band
in a fun and very trashy
sex-horror from old Jess.
A Rare interview with Silvia
& Billy & some cool videos

Killer Barbys (DVD)

Direction: Jesus Franco, production: 1996

Cast: Mariangela Giordano, Silvia Superstar, Aldo Sanbrell
DVD spanish or english audio with english subs, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated edition NTSC

A quite fun horror-comedy
with Silvia and Bela B.
behind the scenes, plus the
music video of Candy

Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (DVD)

Direction: Jesus Franco, production: 2003

Cast: Silvia Superstar, Aldo Sanbrell, Lina Romay
DVD in english or german audio, region free
German Polyband edition - PAL

Aerolíneas Federales
Los Cafres
Silvia García Pintos ............. Antonio "Billy" Domínguez


Classic spanish New Wave
post-punk band from Vigo.
Started by Miguel Costas in
1981 with an album in 1986
incl. the Galician punk-pop
evergreen Soy una punk

Before Silvia started the Barbies with Billy King and she was Silvia
Superstar, she was Silvia García Pintos (born 1970) Vigo, Pontevedra,
Galicia who in 1989 joined GREAT group Aerolíneas Federales, as
one of 2 singers, The Aerolinettes. After 1991 album "Una o Nínguna"
the group disbanded. Silvia was a popular hostess on the Galician TV
show Xabarin Club, acted in Galician horror "Cannibals de los Garrulos
Lisérgicos", acted in TV series, acted in Jess Franco films and 2006 in
Pedro Temboury's "Ellos Robaron la Picha de Hitler"


Los Cafres praised 1988 SF13 Tractor Cerebral album's
regarded as somewhat of a
spanish alt. rock classic

What about Billy then?

Antonio "Billy" Domínguez (born 1966) the FINE drummer with that
heavy driving beat, he's also from Vigo, which seems to be something
of the indie-garage-rock center of Spain. He was/is? also the boss of
the Toxic Records label.
Before Barbies he was drumming in the 1980's alternative rock group
Los Cafres
and even before that he played with a VERY young Silvia
in a group called The Last of the Philippines. I DO HOPE Billy has written
some new Barbies stuff these last years and are planning The Return of
The Killer Barbies


In a better and more ideal world The Killer Barbies would have had a big break-through worldwide......but, that was not to be.
Not even the approval stamp from Joey Ramone did the trick. Maybe the Barbies attitude were to pure and non-commercial to
float that well on the surface of the sea of Crap out there. Actually, i'm pretty sure they're not that big even in their home country
Spain. Surely there must be boring and pretentious groups or Idol-shit-wailing garbage artists that sells tons of records there too,
as anywhere else in the world.
Well, their albums are all highly recommended! Let's hope Silvia's doing great solo and that the band will return someday

Below - Some spanish alt. indie-power pop bands that were somewhat cool

Juniper Moon
Great, Great Grupo
Beautiful Crystal Clear Power Pop


Their much praised album
El Resto de mi vida

See link left or read more
on my Power Pop page

From the small town of Ponferrada, Léon a great Power Punk Pop
Group with a lot of fast nice guitars, a hammond organ and FINE
girl singer Sandra. The band existed between 1997 - 2004 and
recorded on the Elefant label.

They made at least 2 GREAT singles: Their debut in 1999 with
and with the beautiful Sólo una sunrisa (with a music
video made in january 2003). Their cult classic 2002 only album has
been re-issued in 2010 by Elefant Records

Los Fresones Rebeldes
De rebelliska jordgubbarna
Cola Jet Set ................................. La Casa Azul
Another somewhat cool
spanish indie group worth mentioning were Barcelona's
Los Fresones Rebeldes
(see link left)

This Barcelona indie pop group with the fun name Los Fresones
existed between 1997 - 2003 and gave us pure indiepop
and bubblegum punk mixed in a most charming way.
Not at all tough rockers, only sweet indie.
Famous for their pop classic Al Amanecer from their 1st album

On Youtube - Al Amanecer

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