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On this page there will be the more trashier one's, the sleazy one's and some of the zero budget indie one's.
Maybe sometimes the not so very good one's either, but the Garbage films needs some lovin' too
Mostly DVD's and some Blu-ray's, beautiful mediums that soon will be obsolete and forgotten due to the streaming mania

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  Some short reviews below are written in swedish


Trashy, badly written, directed and acted Naschy
horror with our favourite spaniard as the slow-moving
re-animated killer mummy dragging his feet in London.
Gore and nice clothing makes it an entertaining watch.
This spanish DVD without any subtitles

La Venganza de la Momia (The Mummy's Revenge)

Direction: Carlos Aured, script: jacinto Molina, prod. Spain 1973

Cast: Paul Naschy, Jack Taylor, Helga Line, Maria Silva
DVD in spanish audio without english subtitles, region free
Spanish Research Entertainment DVD edition

A Spanish 1981 sex movie with a flimsy crime plot
involving the kidnapping of a millionaire's daughter.
With Lina Romay and Ajita Wilson, with copious
amounts of nudity and softcore sex and with horror
icon Aured directing - what could go wrong ? A Lot!

Apocalipsis Sexual

Direction and script: Carlos Aured, production: Spain 1981

Cast: Lina Romay, Ajita Wilson, Ricardi Díaz
DVD in spanish audio without subtitles, region free
Spanish Cine Erotico Espanol DVD edition


British psycho thriller with Susan George looking
lovely as a teenage babysitter being stalked by a
psychotic house invader. B but pretty good and a
warm-up for Susan's other home invasion thriller
later the same year, Peckinpah's Straw Dogs


Director: Peter Collinson, production: UK 1971

Cast: Susan George, Ian Bannen, Honor Blackman
Blu-ray with english audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Studio Canal 2019 Bluray edition


A WIP movie is already a bottom of the barrell film genre
with possibly the Naziploitation the most shameful, and
the question is: Should i be ashamed watching this junk?
Beautiful Helga flogs and has sex with female political
prisoners at her European but Latinamerican castle

Helga - La Louve de Stilberg (Helga - She Wolf of Stilberg/
The She Wolf of Spilberg)

Direction: Alain Garnier, production: France 1978
Cast: Malisa Longo, Patrizia Gori, Dominique Aveline
DVD in english audio (or original french without subs), region free
US MDV Visual DVD edition


Trashy, sleazy and wild demented action fun from
Mexico about a biker punk gang spreading mayhem.
Not really horror maybe but very violent and with
lots of boobs and with addictive rock song sung,
no shouted, all through the film - Intrepidos Punks!

Intrepidos Punks

Direction: Francisco Guerrero, production: Mexico 1980

Cast: La Princesa Lea, El Fantasma, Olga Rios, Juan Valentin
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US DVD edition


Forgotten and obscure black magic C horror bordering
to the Z grade when a drifting Vietnam vet stumbles
into a village ruled by topless witches and their queen.
Luckily the Queen is played by Dyanne "Ilse" Thorne
and her 2 wonders. Vintage Trash in washed out colors

Blood Sabbath

Direction: Brianne Murphy, production: 1972

Cast: Tony Geary, Dyanne Thorne, Susan Damante
DVD in english audio, region 2
Spanish Vial of Delicatessen DVD edition


Delightfully trashy 80's horror from the Rambaldi family.
Bo Svenson injects a baboon who infects a student who
infects his girlfriend etc, and soon campus is attacked by
crazies suffering of rage attacks. Umberto Lenzi scripted
this mess and Carlo Rambaldi probably made the monkey

Primal Rage (Rabia Salvaje)

Direction: Vittorio Rambaldi, production: Italy 1988

Cast: Patrick Lowe, Cheryl Arutt, Bo Svenson, Sarah Buxton
DVD in english audio, region free
Spanish Research Entertainment DVD edition


A not very good slasher horror where the killer uses a
sharp embalming tool. Mr. Andrews runs a mortuary
with his son as assistant, embalming corpses on his free
time from school. Some gore and nudity and Bill Paxton


Direction and co-script: Howard Avedis, production: 1981, 1983

Cast: Bill Paxton, David Wallace, Lynda Day George
DVD in english, region free
Spanish DVD edition


Bad early Body-Count slasher with lots of nudity when
a woman, her lover and 3 friends goes upstate for a
delightful weekend of horrors, when a masked maniac
attacks. Filmed in 1976 and released in 1981, that good
it is, with William Bladerunner Sanderson as a local freak

Savage Weekend (The Killer Behind the Mask)

Direction and script: David Paulsen, production: 1976, 1979

Cast: Marilyn Hamlin, David Gale, William Sanderson
DVD in english audio, region free
Spanish Vértice Cine DVD edition


Lowbudget creature horror with bad acting, bad
script and dialogue but .... with well made gore and
with an amazing looking She-Monster, half-human
and half-demon. Stupid students annoy her in her
house and get slaughtered for their trouble

The Unnamable (H.P. Lovecraft's: The Unnamable)

Direction, script, co-production: Jean-Paul Ouellette 1988

Cast: Charles Klausmeyer, Laura Albert
Blu-ray in english audio, region A
US Unearthed Films 2018 bluray edition


Orgy at the Vicarage with Black Magic and Boobs.
A bit slow but entertaining Swedish B horror with a
bad uncoherent script but nicely shot in late winter
with snow, sleet and grey weather.
The priest and his wife invites a family friend, a witch

Skräcken har 1000 ögon (The Sensous Sorceress)

Direction, script: Torgny Wickman, production: Sweden 1970

Cast: Anita Sanders, Solveig Andersson, Hans Wahlgren
DVD in swedish audio, region 2
Swedish Klubb Super 8 DVD edition


The first Serbian horror movie, a folklore vampire
tale made for Jugoslavian TV in 1973 about a
Vulkodlak (vampire or werewolf, or both) harassing
a small rural village. A strange film for Strange Things
This combo edition limited to 990 copies

Leptirica (The She-Butterfly)

Direction & script: Djordje Kadijevic, production: 1973

Cast: Mirjana Nikolic, Petar Bozovic, Slobodan Perovic
Blu-ray in serbo-croatian with english subtitles, region B
German Ostalgica bluray and DVD limited 2018 combo edition


Fascinating psychological thriller and drama about a
mentally unstable young woman falling into darkness.
After her mind snaps, she goes on a killing spree and
the film turns into a black comedy and gore explosion.
Unfortunately, but Jane Dornfeld is still amazing


Direction, script, cinematography, editing: Jay Lee, prod: 2011

Cast: Jane Dornfeld, Tamara Feldman, Eddie Rouse
DVD in english audio, region 2
Swedish Njuta Films 2012 DVD edition


A slightly arty low budget indie horror and not at all
a bad little vampire flick with a grittyness to it.
A New York taxi driver charms women, bites them
and turn them into .... surprise .... vampires.
Too dark picture when the story unfolds at night

Graveyard Shift

Direction & script: Jerry Ciccoritti, production: Canada 1986-87

Cast. Silvio Oliviero, Helen Papas, Cliff Stoker
DVD in english audio, region 2
German Mr. Banker Films 2018 DVD edition


A total mess of satanist cult horror with some inspired
moments, as the best actors in the film - the Marabu
devil stork and the rabbit using the TV remote. Dario
produced and co-wrote and it feels like an Argento
post-1987 Opera wreckage more than a Soavi film

The Sect (The Devil's Daughter)

Direction & co-script: Michele Soavi, production: Italy 1991

Cast: Kelly Curtis, Herbert Lom, MariAngela Giordano
Blu-ray in english or italian audio with english subs, region B or ALL?
UK Shameless numbered 2016 bluray edition


This artmovie horror-romance was insanely hyped
and finally i saw it .... and it was worth all the praise.
Great stuff! A new talented filmmaker to watch.
In Bad City persian people drifts around and are
killed off by a mysterious female vampire in black

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Direction and script: Ana Lily Amirpour, production: 2015

Cast: Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Mozhan Marno
DVD in farsi/persian with swedish subtitles, region 2
Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition, black & white


Fun gory horror about a group of unhappy tourists
visiting Iceland for some whale watching, but seeing
none. Instead meeting a crazed killer family of ex-
whalers now hunting tourists instead of whales

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre

Direction: Julius Kemp, production: Iceland-UK-Finland 2009

Cast: Helgi Björnsson, Nae Yuuki, Terence Anderson
DVD in english audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition


1970's blaxploitation vampire movies, just what the
world needs. The african prince Mamuwalde's coffin
is carried from Transylvania to LA and the biting's on.
Pam Grier never removes her clothes in the sequel,
aaaaaaaaah! As Lisa she helps the vampire out

Blacula & Scream, Blacula, Scream

Direction: William Crain/Bob Kelligan, production: 1972/1973

Cast: William Marshall, Denise Nicolas/William Marshall, Pam Grier
Blu-ray in english audio with english subs, region B
UK Eureka! 3 disc blu-ray and DVD combo edition


A horror that starts out great with a lot of atmosphere
from the Italian mountain village when an outsider
arrives to restore a church fresco, to meet hostile locals
and possible pagans. But, it gets worse with lots of
uninteresting religious mumbo jumbo and such stuff

H.P. Lovecraft's Two Left Arms

Director, cinematography: Domiziano Cristopharo, prod. US-Italy 2013

Cast: Paolo Stella, Yvonne Sciò, Carlo De Mejo, Ruggero Deodato
DVD in english, region free?
US Widowmaker 2018 DVD edition


Interesting and unusual artmovie horror or thriller
about a mild mannered but skilled British sound
technician loosing his mind when working on a
chaotic italian horror film production.
Toby Jones is great as the poor Gilderoy

Berberian Sound Studio

Direction & script: Peter Strickland, production: UK 2012

Cast: Toby Jones, cosimo fusco, Fatma Mohamed
DVD in english and italian audio with swedish subs, region 2
Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition


Very unique strange indie art horror musical from
polish feature debut director Agnieszka and an
unusual take on the H.C. Andersen tale about the
little mermaid. 2 hot mermaids leave their river to
start singing and stripping in a nightclub

Corki Dancingu (The Lure)

Direction: Agnieszka Smocynska, production: Poland 2015

Cast: Marta Mazurek, Michalina Olszanska, Kinga Preis
Blu-ray in polish audio with english subtitles, region B
UK Criterion Collection 2017 bluray edition


Latvian horror-drama with a mentally disturbed
red-haired beauty dreaming of being raped by a
huge spider. Cheesy special effects but nice
atmospheric summer pictures from the Baltic Sea


Direction: Vasili Mass, production: Latvia-Russia 1991

Cast: Aurelija Anuzite, Liubo Miras Laucevicius
Blu-ray in russian audio with english subs, region ALL
US Mondo Macabro 2017 bluray edition


Two minor horror efforts from the wrong side of the
1980's - from the "comical" second part of the decade.
A trashy comedy-horror and a pretty well acted one,
Catacombs, about a demon in an italian monastery

Cellar Dweller / Catacombs

Direction: John Carl Buechler/David Schmoeller, prod. 1987-88

Cast: debrah Mullowney, Jeffrey Combs/Ian Abercrombie
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region A
US Scream Factory bluray edition


Not exactly horror .... and not the Red Lips duo this
time, but another sleuthing stripper duo it is, 10 years
later. Lina goes undercover in this muff-zoom-a-plenty
sex-thriller for all lovers of Franco nonsense.
Absolute TRASH, but a nice jazzy ST written by Jess

Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties

Direction, script, co-music: Jesús "Jess" Franco, production: 1980

Cast: Lina Romay, Lynn Monteil, Olivier Mathot
Blu-ray in french or english audio with english subs, region ALL
US Severin limited 3000 bluray + spanish dvd 2017 edition


Not exactly horror but 2 slightly psychedelic
and trashily fun crime comedies from the swinging
60's about the sleuthing stripper duo Red Lips
The Psychotronic World of Jess Franco

Two Undercover Angels (El caso de las dos bellezas)/
Kiss Me Monster (2 disc edition)

Direction: Jesús "Jess" Franco, production: 1969
Cast: Janine Reynaud, Rosanna Yanni, Adrian Hoven
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Blue Underground 2 disc unrated DVD edition


Wild, weird and trashy. Animals go berserk horror
from mondo movies director Prosperi. Chemicals in the
Frankfurt water makes the animals go wild and start
killing people. Awful dialogue, some cool animals and
fine gore, but also cruelty against unfortunate rats

Wild Beasts (Belve Feroci)

Direction, script, story: Franco E. Prosperi, prod. Italy 1984

Cast: Lorraine De Selle, John Aldrich, Ugo Bologna
Blu-ray in english or italian audio with english subs, region ALL
US Severin 2017 bluray edition


Low-budget horror with a cult reputation in the UK.
Why? It was a video nasty rated X and it's probably
one of the worst horrorfilms i've ever seen.
BAD beyond belief when a busload of schoolgirls
meets 4 escaped mental patients in the Lake district

Killer's Moon

Direction: Alan Birkinshaw co-script Fay Weldon, prod. UK 1978

Cast: Anthony Forrest, Jane Hayden, Alison Elliott
Blu-ray in english audio, region ALL
UK Screenbound Pictures 2017 bluray edition


Bottom of the barrel female rape revenge psycho-
logical horror with pornstar Reems under alias, it's
that good. Linda is raped and snaps when some local
teenage boys harass her. Sallee Young is beautiful
as Linda but sadly can't act .... she shrieks her lines


Direction: Arthur Jeffreys, production: 1980

Cast: Sallee Young, Bruce Gilchrist (Harry Reems)
Blu-ray in english audio with english subtitles, region A
US Shout! Factory 2017 bluray edition


Trashy badly written and directed slasher with
inept acting with some cult status, and that's a
recommendation. Fun garbage with OK gore when
a woman in camouflage goes on a murder spree
with a nailgun. Another cool 88 Films edition

Nailgun Massacre

Direction & script: Terry Lofton, production: USA 1985

Cast: Michelle Meyer, Rocky Patterson
Blu-ray in english audio, region ALL
UK 88 Films bluray edition


Delightful and stupidly funny horror-comedy TV series.
A Slasher who-dun-it mystery with charismatic Emma
Roberts as a rich bitch sorority house leader and Jamie
Lee Curtis as the dean of The Wallace University.
Satire of nowadays spoiled brats, gore and comedy

Scream Queens - Season 1

Fox TV series 2015

Cast: Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Skyler Samuels
DVD in english with swedish subtitles, region 2
Nordic 20th Century Fox 4 disc DVD edition


Interestingly odd indie art drama horror ... something.
A German policeman feeds a wolf threatening his
village and somehow has to deal with a transvestite
killer with a samurai sword. A strange fairytale horror

Der Samurai

Direction & script: Till Kleinert, production: Germany 2014

Cast: Michel Diercks, Pit Bukowski, Uwe Preuss
Blu-ray in german audio with english subtitles, region ALL
US Artsploitation Films unrated bluray edition


Indie experimental art horror about a psychotic writer
that hallucinates about being murdered and other nasty
stuff and then goes on a killer spree.
Bill Oberst, Jr. gives a VERY intense performance as the
mental case and is genuinely disturbing and scary


Direction & script: Trevor Juenger, production: 2014

Cast: Bill Oberst, Jr., Victoria Mullen
DVD in english audio, region free
US Wildeye Releasing unrated DVD edition


Entertaining and atmospheric UK gothic horror that
was better than it's B reputation. Sir Richard Fordyke
returns to his castle with his new wife and is accused
of rape, murder and witchcraft. Also a murder mystery
and with nice color photo from Peter Newbrook

The Black Torment (Die schwarze plague)

Direction: Robert Hartford-Davis, production: UK 1964

Cast: Heather Sears, John Turner, Ann Lynn, Edina Ronay
DVD in english audio with german subs, region 2
German e-m-s DVD edition


14 minutes animated short that's both scary and
very suggestive. A genius piece of work about
how a cute girl pop group, the triplets Elektra
Sisters turns into mythical monsters - Gorgons.
Great apocalyptic terror


Direction & script: Salvador Sanz, production: Argentina 2004

Animated short, featured on Synapse Small Gauge Trauma DVD
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Synapse Films unrated DVD edition


Art indie horror without spoken dialogue about 6
female victims of a serial killer re-experiencing their
demises in a state of limbo. Gore, entrails, nastiness
and a disgusting fat pig as the murderer. Disturbing.
2 commentary tracks and an interview


Direction, camera, script: Phil Stevens

Cast: Bryant W. Lohr, Makaria Tsapatoris
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Unearthed Films unrated 2015 DVD edition


Trashy but highly enjoyable Sci-fi crime-horror
with Rutger Hauer as a tough cop hunting a
serial killer who rips the hearts out of his victims
Blade Runner meets Alien: The B Version

Split Second (Killer Instinct)

Direction: Tony Maylam, production: UK 1992

Cast: Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall, Neil Duncan
Blu-ray in english audio, region free or B?
German DigiDreams Studios bluray 2015 edition


Delightfully bizarre Argentinian indie horror-comedy
about 2 old fascist torturers using nitroglycerine on
their victims. A bit trashy with caged flesheating girls
in the cellar but great fun and stylishly made on a
minimal budget. Man with a Walker vs. Centerfold

Cold Sweat (Sudor Frío)

Direction, co-script: Adrían García Bogliano, prod: Argentina 2011

Cast: Omar Musa, Facundo Espinosa, Marina Glezer
DVD in spanish audio with swedish subs, region 2
Swedish Njuta Films 2012 DVD edition


Bad films need some lovin' too - and this is not a
horror but a trashy Female Revenge crime action
and with that cool nostalgic 1980's vibes to it.
Molly Stewart alias Angel works the LA street
and when killers murders her hooker friends and
her mother she turns into a avenging angel

The Angel Collection: Angel, Avenging Angel & Angel 3

Direction: Robert Vincent O'Neill/Tom DeSimone, prod: 1983-88

Cast: Donna Wilkes/Betsy Russell/Mitzi Kapture, Maud Adams
DVD in english audio, region free ?
US Image Entertainment DVD edition


Ineptly directed and poorly written neo-Giallo
and slasher, but still watchable with some great
and grisly splatter scenes made by the legendary
Sergio Stivaletti. A bad giallo is still better than
no giallo at all, so keep them coming ...

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

Direction & script: Gabriele Albanesi, production: Italy 2010

Cast: Paolo Sassanelli, Giuseppe Soleri, Laura Gigante
DVD in italian audio with english subs, region free
US Raro Video unrated DVD edition


The Baaaaad .... yes, surely an entry from one of
the most shameful of film genres belongs here, the
WIP Film. This is a 2006 Neo-WIP from legendary
schlock-maestro Bruno Mattei - R.I.P. 2007, filmed
in The Philippines and with Gore and nastiness

The Jail

Direction, co-script: Bruno Mattei, prod. Italy-Philippines 2006

Cast: Yvette Yzon, Odette Khan, Annelie Pontailler
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Intervision Picture Corp. unrated DVD edition


Extremely low budget and one of Jess better
efforts due to the thick atmosphere. Filmed in
just 7 days and with Zurich substituting as
London. Once an ambitious dvd release from IE
and today available in Bluray glory

Jack the Ripper (Der Dirnenmoerder von London)

Direction: Jesús Franco, production: Erwin C. Dietrich 1976

Cast: Klaus Kinski, Lina Romay, Josephine Chaplin
DVD in english audio and 3 other languages, region 1
US Image entertainment 2003 unrated DVD edition


The Lovely Lina Romay - R.I.P. 2012 in a yet
another unfortunate adventure in a woman's
prison. A tropical WIP with sleaze and some
violence. Women in Prison films, a decidedly
shameful genre but yet strangely alluring

Women Behind Bars

Direction: Jesús Franco, production: 1975

Cast: Lina Romay, Martine Stedil, Nathalie Chape
DVD in english or french audio with english subtitles, region free
US Severin unrated DVD edition


Not surprisingly a very inept WIP offering
from the schlock-master. A trashy B film in
an already B-genre, but with the lovely
Laura Gemser as an undercover journalist

Violence in a Woman's Prison

Direction: Bruno Mattei, production: 1982

Cast: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Lorraine De Salle
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition

Schlock-master Mattei this time hits us
with a nice Nunsploitation horror where
a young priest investigates deaths and
mania in a convent. With the great Franca
Stoppi as the headnun. Nunsploitation -
What a Great Forgotten Latin Genre

The Other Hell (L'Altro Inferno)

Direction: Bruno Mattei/Claudio Fragrasso, production: 1980

Cast: Franca Stoppi, Carlo de Mejo, Francesca Carmeno
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated DVD edition


A Very entertaining and trashy splatter
horror with a lot of zombies and with
the beautiful Alexandra Delli Colli.
Delirious madness and great fun

Zombie Holocaust (La Regina dei Cannibale/Dr Butcher
MD/Zombie 3/Queen of the Cannibals)

Direction: Marino Girolami: Italy 1980
Cast: Ian McCullough, Alexandra Delli Colli
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shriek Show unrated 2002 DVD edition


A Crazy surgeon and a serial killer cannibal is
loose in a spanish wax cabinet when a Cable TV
canal are recording a Reality TV show.
Pretty decent Gore but not good otherwise as
the direction and script could've been better


Direction: Victor Matellano, production: Spain 2014

Cast: Jack Taylor, Jimmy Shaw, Gealdine Chaplin
DVD in english audio, region free
US Wizard Studios unrated DVD edition


Funny trash sleaze horror sci fi comedy about
a entomologist scientist Doctor Susan who
creates a new breed of insect women, killing
their boyfriends during lovemaking
Plus another 3 trash films from the early 70's

Invasion of the Bee Girls /The Devil's 8/Unholy Rollers
/Vicious Lips

Direction: Dennis Sanders, production: 1973
Cast: Anitra Ford, Victoria Vetri, William Smith
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Shout! Factory 2 disc DVD edition


Another sequel in the Haunted house vein to
his horror hit The Pact made 2 years earlier.
A Demon seeks the right woman to carry his
seed in a mix of Omen and Rosemary's Baby.
Has it's moments, but not very good

At The Devil's Door

Direction & script: Nicholas McCarthy, production: 2013

Cast: Caity Lotz, Haley Hudson, Casper Van Dien
DVD in english audio with english subs, region 1
US IFC Midnight unrated DVD edition


Absolute Trash but with copious of well made
Gore in an Evil Dead type of horror as 4 killer
prostitutes are taking refuge in a cabin in the
woods after a failed robbery. As a hostage they,
unknowingly, have with them The Son of Satan


Direction, script, photo, music: Marc Fratto, production: USA 2013

Cast: J. Scott Green, Jennice Carter, Selene Beretta
DVD in english audio, region 1
UK Midnight Releasing unrated DVD edition


Obscure Sorority House slasher with a
killer re-appearing again on the Campus
when there's April Fool's Day festivities
to come. Canadian lowbudget

Killer Party

Direction: William Fruet, production: Canada 1986

Cast: Joanne Johnson, Sherry Willis-Burch, Paul Bartel
DVD in english audio, region free
US Warner Archive DVD Collection


Satirical and bloody horror-comedy about a
young and very violence-proned female
student who murders everyone she can at her
university ... and there's living dead also

Sexy Killer/Morires Por Ella

Direction: Miguel Marti, production: Spain 2008

Cast: Macarena Gómez, Caesar Camino, Alejo Souras
DVD in spanish audio with english subs, region 2
UK G2 Pictures DVD edition


A Cold-hearted and unsympathetic WIP horror
and MA movie, where prisoned women has to ...
surprise ... fight to their death, what else?
It's nasty and brutal but - with well made gore
and Zoe Bell in it. So, it was OK i guess


Direction: Josh C. Waller, production: 2013

Cast: Zoe Bell, Rebecca Marshall, Doug Jones
DVD in english audio with english or swedish subs, region 2
UK Koch Media DVD edition


Gott humör, bra gore och massor av tuttar i under-
hållande slasher komedi nonsens där en mördare i
munkkåpa härjar med en gammal stridsyxa
läs mer på bildlänken

Girls Gone Dead

Direction: Michael A. Hoffman & Aaron T. Wells, prod: 2012

Cast: Kate Peterson, Ryan Keely, Ron Jeremy, Linnea Quigley
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region free
US EOne unrated DVD edition


An aussie monster movie with lots of Retro
feeling and quite enjoyable. Three psychotic
killer-goth-girls á la FPKK takes up the gauntlet
and battles a huge tentacle-from-the-sea monster

El Monstro Del Mar!

Direction, script, Stuart Simpson, prod: Australia 2011

Cast: Kyrie Capri, Nelli Scarlet, Norman Yemm
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Vicious Circle Films unrated DVD edition


Tafflig brittisk B alt. en C slasher, men underhållande
ändå med riktigt bra gore.Dick Randall's uppföljare
till mångas favorit Pieces.The Santa Claus Crimes
när ett jämra psyko betar av tomtar.
läs mer på bildlänken

Don't Open Till Christmas

Direction: Edmund Purdom, Alan Birkinshaw, prod: UK 1984

Cast: Edmund Purdom, Alan Lake, Belinda Mayne
DVD in english audio, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


En kul och förvånansvärt snygg
B-Sci Fi-horror-western, ungefär. Året
är 1892 och en liten stad i Colorado attackeras
av uran-ätande aliens

High Plains Invaders

Direction: K. T. Donaldson, production: 2009

Cast: James Marsters, Cindy Sampson, Sanny Van Heteren
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Vivendi Entertainment unrated DVD edition


Kubansk zombie-komedi. The Undead
tar över Havannas gator och bara ett gäng
slashasar/småtjuvar är kvar att
ta upp striden mot "dissidenterna"

Juan Of The Dead (Juan de los muertos)

Direction & script: Alejandro Brugues, prod: Cuba-Spain 2011

Cast: Alexis Diaz, Jorge Molina, Andrea Durro
DVD in english audio, region free ?
US Entertainment One unrated DVD edition


Bisarr psykologisk arthorror där en döende
kvinna bearbetar det förflutna á la Alain Resnais.
Providence. S&M, förnedring, våldtäkt och penis-
kapning. läs mer på bildlänken om ni orkar


Direction: David Blyth, production: New Zeeland 2010

Cast: Kate O'Rourke, Te Kaea Beri
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Vicious Circle Films unrated DVD edition


Varning! Det här en film som bits och
absolut inget nöje att se om man inte
gillar att må dåligt. 3 våldsmän och nazister
terroriserar en oskyldig familj
läs mer på bildlänken om ni måste

Hate Crime

Direction & script: James Cullen Bressack, prod: USA 2012

Cast: Ian Roberts, Jody Barton, Tim Moran, Debbie Diesel
DVDin english audio, region 1
Unearthed Films unrated DVD edition


Kul norsk splatter-komedi där grupp norska
ungdomar möter tyska zombie soldater från WW2
på ett högfjäll uppe i norska Finnmark.
För alla oss med barnasinnet kvar
läs mer på bildlänken

Död Snö

Direction: Tommy Wirkola, production: 2009 Norway

Cast: Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner, Örjan Gamst
DVD in norwegian audio with swedish subtitles, region 2
Svensk Atlantic Film DVD edition


Ön. Familjen. Huset med ektoplasman som Gud
glömde. Ett snyggt och ambitiöst misslyckande
där en amerikansk kvinna återupplever mord ute
i den Ryska ödemarken. Men snyggt var det
läs mer på bildlänken

The Abandoned

Direction: Nacho Cerdá, production: 2006

Cast: Anastasia Hille, Valentin Ganev, Karel Roden
DVD in english audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Lion's Gate DVD edition


Kan ens Troma misslyckas med att skapa en
slasher-komedi om ett pyjama party?
Svar med emfas - Jaaaa. Troma suger.
Troma suger. Troma suger i Tromaville
läs mer på bildlänken

Psycho Sleepover

Direction: Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin, prod: 2009

Cast: Rachel Castillo, Ariel Teal Toombs
DVD in english audio, region free
US Troma DVD edition


Jess kufiska grepp på Faust myten där fadern
lovat bort sin 18-åriga oskuldsfulla dotter Linda
(ja, verkligen, ehum) till sexdemonen Lorna.
Endast för The Old Jess Addicts antar jag
läs mer på bildlänken

Lorna ... The Exorcist

Direction: Jesús Franco (under alias Clifford Brown), prod: 1973

Cast: Lina Romay, Pamela Stanford, Jaqueline Laurent
DVDin english or french audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


En ganska udda indie-slasher parafras som
delat mig i 2 läger, shizo-vise. Trash eller bra,
trams eller originellt. Jag vet helt ärligt talat
inte, hmm,
funderar ännu på den saken.
läs mer på bildlänken

Murder Loves Killers Too

Direction & script: Drew Barnhardt, production: 2008

Cast: Allen Andrews, Christine Haeberman
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Well Go USA/Rabid Dog Productions DVD edition


Lågbudgethorror där experiment med
hallucinogena droger på ett mental-sjukhus
leder till att en slasher-mördare kommer fri.
Inte oävet för nollbudget
läs mer på bildlänken

Pink Eye

Direction: James Tucker, production: 2008

Cast: Joshua Nelson, Melissa Bacelar, Alan Rowe Kelly
DVD in english audio, region free
US Halo Eight unrated DVD edition


Rätt intressant och minimalistiskt udda
aussie indie horror om en dysfunktionell
familj, om voyeurism och om en
serie-mördare på en Guldkust badort
läs mer på bildlänken


Direction: Aash Aaron, production: Australia 2009

Cast: Margot Robbie, Matt Flannagan, Anna-Lisa Horton
DVD in english aussie audio, region free
US Osiris DVD edition


nderhållande pakistansk slasher-zombie-psycho
horror från genre älskaren eldsjälen Omar Ali Khan.
kommentar spår och dokumentär.
läs absolut mer på bildlänken

Hell's Ground (Zibah khana)

Direction: Omar Ali Khan, production: Pakistan 2007

Cast: Kunwar Ali Roshan, Rooshanie Ejaz, Rubya Chaudry
DVD in urdu audio with english subtitles, region 1
US TLA Releasing/Danger After Dark DVD edition


Rejält trashig black magic horror sleaze, som
ändå är ganska underhållande på ett oavsiktligt
vis med sitt inspirerat deliriska vansinne.
Så inkompetent gjort att det rentav blev "bra"
läs mer på bildlänken

Riti Magie Nere e Segrete Orge del Trecento
(Black Magic Rites/The Reincarnation of Isabel)

Direction: Renato Polselli, production: Italien 1973
Cast: Mickey Hargitay, Rita Calderon, Max Dorian
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, region ?
US Ryko DVD Distribution


Snygg sleaze-horror-trash där exploatörer
drabbas av sex och gore på en karibisk ö.
Aristide, favoriten, El Maestro.
läs mer på bildlänken

Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), prod: 1978

Cast: Sirpa Lane, Melissa Chimenti, Maurice Poli
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Severin unrated DVD edition


Sensationellt inkompetent och genomusel
crime-sleaze-kannibal-horror trash från
Jess the zoom-lens-into-muffarna Franco.
Men festligt förstås och intervju med old Jess
läs mer på bildlänken

Devil Hunter (El Cannibal)

Direction: Jesús "Jess" Franco, production: 1980

Cast: Ursula Buchfellner, Al Cliver, Gisella Hahn
DVD in english or french audio, region free
US Severin unrated DVD edition


Ha! Ha! El Maestro's nästan ofattbart trashiga
kulthorror med en söt Siani som kannibalernas
blonda drottning måste ses för att tros.
Genialt inkompetent från "Maestro" och en
bisarr intervju som grädden på moset ... aaah!
läs mer på bildlänken

Cannibals (White Cannibal Queen)

Direction: Jess Franco, production: 1980

Cast: Sabrina Siani, Lina Romay, Al Cliver, Robert Foster
DVD in english audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Slow artmovie-apokalyptisk horror som
trots uselt skådespel ändå är atmosfärisk.
Tidig zombierulle lågbudget ... nollbudget
i fin Code Red utgåva. läs mer på bildlänken

Messiah of Evil (Dead People/The Second Coming/Revenge of
the Screaming Dead/Return of the Living Dead)

Direction: William Huyck, production: 1972-1973
Cast: Marianna Hill, Michael Greer, Anitra Ford, Joy Bang
DVD in english audio, region free
US Code Red DVD edition


Urusel men ganska charmig låg-budget-slasher
med glimten i ögat där ett Pyjama Party slutar illa.
Reggie B. är en festligt somnanbul sheriff i jakten
på The Slumber Party Slasher
läs mer på bildlänken

Spring Break Massacre

Direction: Rex Kramer, production: 2008

Cast: Reggie Bannister, Sarah Minnic, Linnea Quigley
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Synkronized Company unrated DVD edition


En av många i den spännande nya norska
horrorvågen. Helt OK horror-thriller där norskt
par möter svenska psykon i tassemarkerna
vid gränsen.

Snarveien (Genvägen/The Detour)

Direction: Severin Eskeland, production: 2009 Norge

Cast: Marte Germaine Christensen, Jens Hultén
DVD in norwegian and swedish audio, region 2
Svensk SF DVD edition


Begåvat? Vet ej, iaf genuint otäck nattsvart
Feel Bad indie-horror-tragedi om människans
onda vilja baserad på rättsfall
läs mer på bildlänken

This Hollow Sacrament

Direction: Greg Steechmann, production: 2006

Cast: Marcus D. Shelby, April Potter
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Unearthed unrated DVD edition


Atmosfärisk fransk horror på Les Yeux sans
visage-tema med naket, dvärgar
på slott och en efterlyst kirurg
läs mer på bildlänken

The Blood Rose (La Rose echorchée)

Direction: Claude Mulot, production: France 1969

Cast: Anny Duperey, Howard Vernon, Philippe Lemaire
DVD in french audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


Kul och överraskande snärtigt matiné horror-
äventyr om vulkanö och coola fiskmonster.
Med sköna Barbara Bach efter The Island of
Dr. Moureau
läs mer på bildlänken

Island of the Fishmen (L'isola degli uomini pesce)

Direction: Sergio Martino, production: 1979

Cast: Barbara Bach, Richard Johnson, Claudio Cassinelli
DVD in english audio, region free
US Mya Communication DVD edition


Briljant. Både rolig och mörk indie-
zombie horror från begåvade Phillips, som
lyckas göra något med genren
läs mer på bildlänken

The Stink of Flesh (Genre: Lågbudget zombie)

Direction & script: Scott Phillips, production: 2005

Cast: Ross Kelly, Kurly Tlapoyawa, Diva, Devin O' Leary
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Tempevideo DVD edition


Not a horror maybe, but a Great nunsploitation
from the legendary film icon Aristide Massaccesi.
One of his best films. A fine documentary about
Joe D'Amato is included on the disc

Images in a Convent (Imagino di un convento)

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi), production: 1979

Cast: Paola Senatore, Marina Hedman Frajese, Donald O'Brien
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Media Blasters unrated Kitty Media 2 disc DVD edition


Bara en h
yfsat bra och snygg chilensk slasher
som spelades in av filmdebutanten Jorge
Olguin för ynka 25 000 USD. Ganska OK ändå
läs mer på bildlänken

Angel Negro

Direction: Jorge Olguin, production: Chile 2000

Cast: Alvaro Morales
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Troma DVD edition


Helt OK horror-thriller av obskyr grindhouse
slasher där ett psyko betar av modeller månadsvis
efter utvik, och bättre än vad man kan tro av den
lite snaskiga beskrivningen
läs mer på bildlänken

The Centerfold Girls

Direction: John Peyser, production: 1974

Cast: Andrew Prine, Tiffany Bolling, Jamie Lyn Bauer
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Dark Sky Films DVD edition


Grekisk zombie-splatter där hungriga horder
rusar genom Atens gator. Bra? Ehum ...
Trailer, stills. läs mer på bildlänken

To Kako (Evil)

Direction: Yorgos Noussias, production: Greece 2005

Cast: Meletis Georgiados, Mary Tsoni, Nikos Sabalis
DVD in greek audio with english subtitles, region 1
US TLA Releasing unrated DVD edition


Udda Lovecraft inspirerad horror där personers
drömmar öppnar en port för demon från en äldre
skrämmande värld á la Lovecraft. Nollbudget men
intressant. Massor av extra. läs mer på bildlänken

Beyond Dream's Door (Director's Cut)

Direction: Jay Woelfel, production: 1988

Cast: Nick Baldasare, Rick Kesler, Susan Pinksy
DVD in english audio, region 1 ?
US Cinema Epoch Koch Lorber DVD edition


Obehaglig psycho-stalker horror med en vidrig
Worth som kvinnostrypare, urrrk, samt en
Trash-horror från legendariska indie-Findlay
läs mer på bildlänken

Don't Answer the Phone/Prime Evil

Direction: Robert Hammer, prod: 1980/Roberta Findlay 1988

Cast: Nicholas Worth, Flo Gerrish/William Beckwith
DVD in english audio, region ?
US BCI Deimos Entertainment DVD edition


Originell och kul horror om psycho besatt av
julen och som vill gott men flippar ut helt. k
Med ett kul kommentarspår av kultfilmaren
John Waters. läs mer på bildlänken

Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)

Direction: Lewis Jackson, production: 1980

Cast: Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey Demunn, Diane Hull
DVD in english audio, region free
US Synapse DVD edition


Urusel och trashig Rip-Off på Exorcisten och
Rosemary's Baby som av ngn anledning blev en
stor Hit i USA. A Turd luxuriously packaged in
an almost too great looking Code Red edition
with 2 commentary tracks

Beyond the Door (Chi Sei? Who?/The Devil Within Her)

Direction: Ovidio G. Assonitis, production: 1974

Cast: Juliet Mills, Richard Johnson, Gabriele Lavia
DVD in english audio, region free
US Code Red DVD edition


A Strong British lowbudget indie horror where
a young man loses it and gets drawn into a
nasty and nihilistic gangster organisation. Very
interesting and reeking of cinematic talent, and
made before Evans got his big break-through in
Indonesia with The Raid


Direction: Gareth H. Evans, production: UK 2006

Cast: Nicholas Bool, Mads Koudal, Emma Powell
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Unearthed Films unrated DVD edition


Kul trashig fransk horror-splatter
där ung kvinna med varelse i magen
måste nära den med blod
läs mer på bildlänken

Baby Blood (The Evil Within)

Direction: Alain Robak, production: Frankrike 1989

Cast: Emmanuelle Escourrou, Christian Sinniger
DVD in french audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Anchor Bay unrated DVD edition


Knäppig mexikansk kult-kalkon-trash- horror om
om en Baron som återuppstår som ett hjärnätande
monster. Fin utgåva med ett kommentarspår
läs mer på bildlänken

El Barón del Terror (The Brainiac)
Mexikansk 60-tals horror rules!

Direction: Chano Urueta, production: Mexico 1961
Cast: Abel Salazar, Ruben Rojo, Rosa Maria Gallardo
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, b&w, region 1
US Panik House Casa Negra unrated DVD edition


Ha! Ha! Hallucinatoriskt urusel action från
oftast urusle Bianchi i en också urusel utgåva.
En av de sämsta action-filmerna som gjorts
och förstås mycket underhållande. Ha! Innarutu
och andra "stora konstnärer" - släng er i väggen
läs mer på bildlänken

Angel of Death (Commando Mengele)

Direction: Andrea Bianchi, script: Jess Franco, prod: 1986

Cast: Howard Vernon, Fernando Rey, Suzanne Andrews
DVD in english audio, region free

US DVD edition


Sex-horror där vacker ung kvinna blir besatt av
en sexdemon, och med sleaze legenden Giordano.
intervju Bianchi, trailer. Total Trash, men alltså
med MariaAngela, enda aktrisen med 2 scener i
den prestigefyllda filmens Hall of Shame
läs mer på bildlänken

Satan's Baby Doll (La Bimba di satana)

Direction: Mario Bianchi, production: 1982

Cast: MariAngela Giordano, Jaqueline Dupre, Marina Hedman
DVD in italian audio with english subtitles, region free
US Severin unrated DVD edition


Jess C-version av Tombs of the Blind Dead där
4 kvinnor på semester möter döda zombie-riddare.
Pålitligt inkompetent. Intervju med Jess och Lina
läs mer på bildlänken

Mansion of the Living Dead (La Mansion de los
muertos vivientes)

Direction: Jess Franco, production: 1982
Cast: Eva Leon, Lina Romay, Mamie Kaplan, Robert Foster
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Severin unrated DVD edition


Visuellt läckert om en gotisk kyrka med ond
hemlighet, av den begåvade Soavi (bl a Dellamorte
Dellamore och Uno Bianca.
läs mer på bildlänken

The Church

Direction: Michele Soavi, Manus/prod: Dario Argento 1988

Cast: Tomas Arana, Barbara Cupisti, Asia Argento
DVD in english audio, region free
US Anchor Bay unrated DVD edition


Re-mastrad 93 min version av Lenzi's ökända
och elaka kannibal epos.
Med kommentar av Lenzi/Morghen m.m.
läs mer på bildlänken

Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly) Director's Cut

Direction: Umberto Lenzi, production: 1981

Cast: Lorraine de Selle, John Morghen, Zora Kerova
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Grindhouse Releasing unrated DVD edition


Yes! Really Cool Mexikan splatter horror
with lots of Gore about a gang of young
gravrobbers, plus a trashy Evil Dead
rip-off combined slasher mix.
read more on the picture link

Ladrones de Tumbas (Graverobbers)/Cementerio del Terror

Direction: Ruben Galindo Jr., production: Mexico 1989/1985

Cast: James Houghton, Albert Salmi, Lynn Carlin, Hedi Bohay
DVD in spanish with english subs, region 1 ?
US BCI Deimos DVD edition -
mexican 80's horror rules!


Genre: Lågbudget zombie avd. Nollbudget
Kul och innovativ lågbudget Zombie splatter
horror med kultrykte. Inälvor och horder av
levande döda, restaurerad från 8 mm
läs mer på bildlänken

The Dead Next Door

Direction: J.R. Bookwalter, production: 1985-1988

Cast: Peter Ferry, Jolie Jackunas, Bogdan Pecic
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Anchor Bay unrated DVD edition


Not really a horror, but an absolutely deranged
Indonesian Trash-Action-WIP- Sleaze exploitation
flick about a female motorcycle gang out for
bloody revenge. Extras

Virgins From Hell (Perawan disarang sindikat)

Direction: Ackyl Anwari, production: Indonesia 1987

Cast: Yenny Farida, Enny Beatrice, Nina Anwar
DVD in english audio, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated 2 disc DVD edition


Två knäppiga och roliga indonesiska weirdo-
rullar, dels en trash-sleaze action och
dels en trash-horror, från Indonesiens stolthet
H. Tjut Djalil. läs mer på bildlänken

Lady Terminator (Pembalasan ratu laut seletan)/
Dangerous Seductress
(Bercinta dengan maut)

Direction: H. Tjut Djalil (Jalil Jackson), prod: Indonesia 1988-92
Cast: Barbara Anne Constable/Tonya Offer, Joseph Cassano
DVD in english audio, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated 2 disc DVD edition


Unik mexikansk horror filmtrio från början av den
horror guldtid som skulle komma med 1960-talet.
Med en förbannad Aztek-mumie, en skatt och ett
mumbo-jumbo re-inkarnations-hypnos experiment
Med texthäfte. läs mer på bildlänken

The Aztec Mummy Collection (3 disc edition)

Direction: Rafael Portillo, production: Mexico 1957-1958

Cast: Rosita Arenas, Ramon Gay, Luis Aceves Castaneda)
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, b&w, region ?
US BCI Deimos 3 disc DVD edition -mexican 50's horror rules!


Prima Nunsploitation sleaze med bestraffningar,
sexuella lustar och intriger i ett nunnekloster.
Joe D'Amato trailer reel, Backstage Joe D'Amato.
läs mer på bildlänken

Convent of Sinners (La Monaca nel peccato)

Direction: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Maccassesi), prod: 1986

Cast: Eva Grimaldi, Karin Well, Gabriele Tinti
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Exploitation Digital unrated DVD edition


Spanish sleaze horror where an innocent couple
meets satanists in a house on the countryside.
A documentary is included.
Please read more about Escalofrio on Horror page 1

Satan's Blood (Escalofrio)

Direction: Carlos Puerto, production: 1977

Cast: Angel Aranda, Sandra Alberti, Marian Karr
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


ild zombie-slasher-women in prison trash splatter
with Tony Todd as a re-animated murderer inside
a womens prison. Intense trash with a pulse to it
Commentary audio track

(Shadow) Dead Riot (2 disc SE with zombie key chain)

Direction: Derek Wan, production: 2005

Cast: Tony Todd, Carla Greene, Misty Mundae
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Media Blasters unrated DVD edition


Totally undescribable and hilariously funny
Z grade T
rash-horror from the very special
indie filmmaker Bill Zebub. Delightful weirdness
from The one and only Bill Zebub

The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made

Direction: Bill Zebub, production: 2005

Cast: Jeanne Potter, Rocco Martone, Thomas Russo
DVD in english audio, region free ?
US Bill Zebub Productions DVD edition


Quite atmospherical and sensual french fantasy
in a horror about 2 women that somehow finds
themself to actually be in the mytical castle of
Fata Morgana. Strange French trash weirdo

Girl Slaves of Morgana le Fay (Morgane et les nymphes)

Direction: Bruno Gantillon, production: France 1971

Cast: Dominique Delpierre, Alfred Baillou, Michele Perello
DVD in french audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


Funny Horror Comedy and one of the few that
has succeeded in that genre. Truly original
looking space monsters eats people in a very
entertaining low-budgeted horror comedy
Commentary audio and picture galleries etc.

Deadly Spawn

Direction: Douglas McKeown, produktion: 1983

Cast: Michael Robert Coleman, Charles Hildebrandt
DVD in english audio, region free
US Synapse DVD edition


Argentinian Vampire Exploitation Horror
where a couple of lost tourists has a car
malfunction and seeks shelter in a seemingly
abandoned house up in the Andes.

Blood of the Virgins (Sangre de virgenes)

Direction: Emilio Vieyra, production: Argentina 1967

Cast: Ricardo Bauleo, Susana Beltran, Gloria Prat
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


Very obscure but an entertaining, bizarre and
violent Trashy slasher B-indie movie where
a stripper is being chased by a knife wielding
Killer Transvestite. When will see the Stephen
Spielberg Hollywood version ?

Switch Killer

Direction: Mack Hail, production: 2004

Cast: Cara Jo Basso, Bishop Mann, Monique Chachere
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Lion's Gate DVD edition


Jesús yet again after the writings of Marquis
De Sade and with our Lovely Marie Liljedahl
in one of her very few films. Marie, mostly known
from her 2 Inga movies by Joseph Sarno.
Interviews with old Jess, Marie and Mr. Dracula.

Eugenie - The Story of Her Journey into Perversion (De Sade 70/
Philosophy in the Boudoir/Die Jungfrau und die Peitsche)

Direction: Jesus Franco, production: 1969
Cast: Marie Liljedahl, Christopher Lee, Maria Rohm
DVD in english or french audio, region free
US Blue Underground unrated DVD edition


Softcore horror with the luscious and voluptuous
Glori Anne Gilbert as a busty Vampiress, and with
Spanish horror icon Paul Naschy ina guest role.
Audio commentary by Glut and Gilbert

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood

Direction: Donald F. Glut, production: 2003

Cast: Paul Naschy, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Jana Thompson
DVD in english audio, region ?
US Retro Media unrated DVD edition


Spain's Mr. Horror, Paul Naschy directs and acts
this trashy genre entry where he plays his standard
double role as an evil 16th century knight and a
nowaday descendant to the knight.
Interview with Jacinto Molina - El Hombre Lobo and
a featurette included as extras

Panic Beats (Latidos de pánico) - Paul Naschy december 2009 R.I.P.

Direction & script: Jacinto Molina (Paul Naschy), prod: Spain 1983

Cast: Paul Naschy (Jacinto Molina), Julia Saly, Lola Goas
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Mondo Macabro unrated DVD edition


A quite good and unusual take on the Serial
Killer theme in a different B crime-horror where
an arrogant murderer himself becomes the
hunted in a murder duel

Hunting Humans

Direction: Kevin Kangas, production: 2003

Cast: Rick Ganz, Bubby Lewis, Lisa Michele Trent
DVD in english audio, region 1
US Redrum DVD edition


Fun French trash zombie gore movie where
women are poisoned by milk, dies and return
as Living Dead to extract revenge on the living

Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (La Revanche des mortes viventes)

Direction: Pierre B. Reinhard, production: France 1987

Cast: Veronik Catanzaro, Sylvia Novak, Anthea Wyler
DVD in english audio, region free
US Retromedia unrated DVD edition


A so-so but still pretty good obscure Spanish
Slasher with a masked troubadour - en Tuno

Negro, killing unlucky students at the University
of Salamanca

Black Serenade (Tuno negro)

Direction: Pedro Barbero/ Vicente Martin, produktion: Spain 2001

Cast: Silke, Maribel Verdú, Jorge Sanz
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region 1
US Lola Films DVD edition


! This is a film that bites!
Horrifying and disgusting horror artmovie
drama about war crimes, perversion and
torture. Very serious, well made and pitch black.

In A Glass Cage (Tras el cristal)

Direction: Agustin Villaronga, production: 1986

Cast: Gunter Meisner, David Sust, Marisa Paredes
DVD in spanish audio with english subtitles, region free
US Cult Epics unrated DVD edition


Entertaining garbage in a funny inspired
lowbudget splatter orgy from German trash
film director Olaf Ittenbach, about the
downed angel Premutos

Premutos: Lord of the Living Dead (Der Gefallene Engel)

Direction: Olaf Ittenbach, production: Germany 1997

Cast: Olaf Ittenbach, André Stryi, Ella Wellman
DVD in english audio (or german audio without subs), region free
US Shock-O-Rama Cinema uncut DVD edition


The sequel where cute necrophiliac Monika
excavate bodies in cemetaries for having sex
with. Sick and disgusting and made to provoke
4:3 originalratio, stereo/mono, lots of extras in
a very fine DVD release

Nekromantik 2 (Limited soundtrack edition)

Direction: Jörg Buttgereit, production: Germany 1991

Cast: Monika M, Mark Reeder, Simone Spörl
DVD in german audio with english subtitles, region free
US Barrel Entertainment unrated DVD edition


A truly Sick underground indie horror classic
about necrophilia and who had as a goal to

disgust everyone watching it. To be honest,
when watching Buttgereit's films today, in 2020,
they feel a bit childish, but a provocateur he was


Direction: Jörg Buttgereit, production: West-Germany 1987

Cast: Daktari Lorenz, Beatrice M
DVD in german audio with english subtitles, region free
US Barrel Entertainment unrated DVD edition

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