Zoology (2016)

UK Arrow Films 2017 Blu-ray edition

turnable sleeve

Middle-aged Natasha or Natalia Nikolevna (Natalya Pavlenkova) lives in an unnamed town at some unnamed sea (but the film was shot
in Novorossiysk at the Black Sea) where she works at a Zoo. Her position is a lower administrative one and her colleagu
es are all women.
A nasty bunch who mocks her like evil harpies and bullied Natasha's only friends are the animals at the Zoo.
She lives with her old religious mother (Irina Chipizhenko) and she seems to have lived a pretty dreary life and probably, she's sexually
repressed too. A pretty dreary life in a pretty dreary little town where everyone seems to know each other.

But, Natasha doesn't feel well and she has developed a problem with her back. She has grown a tail, a long fleshy looking one.


She visits a doctor to see if surgery could help her, but somehow the neccessary X-ray camera pictures are messed up.
The rumour is spreading about her and her tail, The Devil Woman, and she's spurned by the community and she's not allowed to
go to the Church. Sounds like misery artmovie, but she can wiggle her tail and she meets a younger doctor, Petya (Dmitry Groshev).
She starts caring about her looks and actually plain Jane looking Natasha is quite an attractive middle-aged woman. She and Petya
has a love affair and finally poor Natasha seem to be having some fun in her life. But what about her tail ?

The UK Blu-ray presents the film in widescreen 1.85:1 and with russian audio 5.1 DTS-HD MA or LPCM stereo with english subtitles
Extras: An Appointment with the doctor: interview with Dmitry Groshev (12 minutes in russian with subs), The Tail of Zoology: interview
with film historian Peter Hames, trailer, booklet with pictures and text, region B


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