Zombie Holocaust (La Regina dei Cannibale/Dr. Butcher MD/Queen of the Cannibals, 1980)

US Shriek Show DVD

Text below written in Swedish

There's almost always some good vibes to italian produced genre films from the italian Golden Era that has
got a whole bunch of different titles. In this case a delightfully unhinged trash horror with lot's of everything.
Zombie Holocaust has got both 1. Zombies and 2. Cannibals and also tons of 3. Splatter Gore 4. Mad Doctor
in a 5. Tropical setting and, finally 6. A Gorgeous actress in Alexandra Delli Colli ... who like her "Dangerous
Natives meets White Goddess in a tropical setting" predecessor - Ursula Andress (in Sergio Martino's 1978
Mountain of the Cannibal God) gets stripped nude and worshipped by the natives.

I really don't remember much more about this film as it's about 15 years since i watched this US DVD, but
i remember there was a lot of mayhem in it and it certainly deserved the Cult status it had in the US.
Donald O'Brien played the mad doctor in that special weird way of his.

After incidents in US morgues with indonesian people eating the dead bodies a group of experts travels to
some indonesian island to investigate the phenomena (yes, i checked with wikipedia to refresh my memory)
and that showed to be some desperately Unwise decision.
Dr. Butcher M.D. - Medical Deviate was promoted in a clever way in the US and made a lot of money.
A Butchermobile promoted it in the NY area and the film got a new pretitle sequence from another film
widescreen, english audio 2.0 and with extra interviews, trailers


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