Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra (Nel segno di Roma / Sign of Rome / Sign of the Gladiators, 1959)

German Cargo Records-Supreme Film 2020 DVD edition

A Peplum, Sword and Sandal historical action drama of the B kind and most enjoyable i have to say. OK, it's a B movie but the settings
and clothing looks nice and the main focus of attention in this film must be The Sensational Dresses that our swedish heroine carries, she
could've been lifted out to be used as a Fashion House model wearing the new sensational style of - Antique Chic.

The wonderful Anita Ekberg plays an historically accurate person - Zenobia, The Rebel Queen of Palmyra from the 3rd century AD, and
from the times when the Roman empire was crumbling. Palmyra was a rich desert empire located in nowadays Syria who got rich of the
caravans doing trade on the ancient Silk Road and Zenobia was a powerful ruler who expanded her empire (she may have had huge boobs
as Anita Ekberg but i seriously doubt she was blonde with beautiful blue eyes).
Zenobia's Palmyra tolerated many religions and she wanted it to be an empire of learning. Today she's a popular Syrian symbol and many
authors and poets have been captivated by her and written about her.

Zenobia with her African Black Crowned Crane (? looks like that beautiful bird could be it)

Above: Anita Ekberg as Zenobia and french actor Georges Marchal as Roman officer Marcus Valerius

Please note: The film comes in a 80 minute US version that can be found under the Extras Meny, and the Italian version plays 90
minutes and have No english subtitles.

The Story: Rome is plagued by rebellion all around the Empire and also Palmyra has risen against Rome. The Roman general Marcus
Valerius (Georges Marchal) has been taken as prisoner and is forced to do slave labour in Palmyra. "The Roman Eagle has finished
it's flight" and "The Empire will be broken to pieces" snaps Queen Zenobia. But Valerius manages to escape and he starts a revolt
against the Palmyra army and then falls in love with Zenobia ... even though he's plotting against the queen. And, also Zenobia's
Minister Zemanzius (charismatic Folco Lulli) is plotting and plans to usurp the power.

The film is said to have had three directors - Guido Brignone, Michelangelo Antonioni and in the battle scenes Riccardo Freda, and
as co-script writer Sergio Leone. It was (probably) co-produced by Italy-France-West Germany and Yugoslavia, and the film was
shot in Croatia. The widescreen ratio stated on the DVD sleeve says 2.00:1 anamorphic ratio (and maybe the correct ratio would've
been 2.35:1 but i'm not sure). Final words: A somewhat trashy but enjoyable Peplum and with a stunning Anita Ekberg that looks as
she's about to burst her beautiful dresses anytime