Yeh Saali Zindagi (2011)

India T-Series DVD

Text below written 2016-03-19

An intricately constructed crime film noir thriller with some romance and (maybe) some comedy and with a
story that meanders between the different gangsters and their gangs. Everyone are quite unlikeable as they for
sure are No funny grifters or murderers. A Dirty Story it is. But, when you've accepted the premises for this film,
you will have a good time following the twisting plot. And, here are the Great Irrfan Khan as the small time boss
Arun and the fine Chitrangda Singh, the actress i haven't seen since her sensational performance in one of the
Great Masterpieces of Indian film, the epic Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi from 2003.

This film starts with a (supposedly) deadly wounded Arun (Khan) with Priti (Chitrangda) down at the harbour
waterside, and a narrator tells us a Film Noirish (and maybe slightly misogynistic) truth ... "There's not much
difference between a woman and a bullet. They're both designed to tear your heart apart". Then, time for the
obligatory genre Flashback to the day it all started.

Arun is working as a small time boss with some men under him, but really is an underling to the Big Boss, Mehta
(Saurabh Shukla). Arun's mission is to swindle rich people in New Delhi out of their money, and to collect debts
for Mehta. On such a job he murders a poor debtor but falls in love with his gorgeous "girlfriend" Priti.
But Priti already have yet another boyfriend in the younger and more handsome (than Arun) Shyam (Vipul Gupta)
and this Shyam, he on the other hand has got a fiancée in the daughter of a Minister.

But things get much more complicated with twists and turns involving the from prison newly released Kuldeep
(Arunoday Singh) who's working for the boss Bade (Yashpal Sharma), and Bade has got a psychothic brother
Chhote (Prashant Narayanan) who wants to be the boss. Kuldeep is ordered to make a kidnapping, and the
victims are minister Verma's daughter and her fiancé Shyam. But they fail and take Priti instead.

The Lovestricken Arun watches everything on the sly and to save Priti he has to become a loose cannon.
anamorphic widescreen, hindi audio 5.1 or 2.0 with english subtitles, song/dance number with subs, 2 hours
7 minutes, a small T logo in the upper right corner, No extras, fold up sleeve
A low price DVD edition from the not so trustable T-Series, it played fine on my player BUT may not do so
on another player


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