Women Behind Bars (1975)

US Severin DVD

Text written 2016-04-21

Yeees .... or should i say Noooo ?
Yet another one of among genre (pathetic male?) fans the ever so popular
WIP films. The Decidedly and admittedly shameful Women in Prison film genre. Sometimes rarely it has been
done serious in drama form, and sometimes it has been done with humour in a funny comedy, but mostly it's done
The Sleazy Way with 1. Nudity 2. Shower scene 3. Violence 4. Lesbian wardens and/or inmates 5. Escape.
Garbage trash, Yes, but still strangely alluring in a shameful way. What's going on in a women's prison, in the
girls locker room or behind the walls in a nun's convent ? As always, an important subject for any grown man
to ponder on. Yes, i know, and these very important issues has to be treated as often as possible on film.
Nude nuns, high-school girls over 25 years old with guns and female inmates in tropical prisons ...

Yet another Jesse Franco WIP where a jewel heist against a millionaire and a possible jealousy motivated murder
lands Shirley Field (Lina Romay) in a tropical womens prison sentenced to 6 years.

An insurance agent is sent to the Central American city of Atalante (but it seems to be Nice, France in a typical
Jess sloppy way of filmmaking) to investigate the jewel robbery and get some help from a man called Bill (played
by Jess himself), and in the prison both the boss (Ron Weiss) and a cute inmate (Mertine Stedil) takes an interest
in Shirley. Obviously this film isn't very good. It has got nudity, lesbian softcore sex and punishments.

anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, mono english audio and an interview with Jesús (17 minutes) where he speaks
about his many WIP films and about how he met his Muse, Lina Romay, and a trailer


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