The Witch: Subversion (Manyeo, 2018)

US Well Go USA Entertainment Blu-ray edition

Region A stated on cover - but played Region all

Great Mystery Action Thriller about a girl with powerful telekinetic powers on the loose. It was violent but had a long slow build-up to
the ending action part, and I loved that. In fact, it was the slow first half of the picture i liked the best. Why? Because the, for me unknown,
youngsters that played the roles of the two highschool buddies, Kim Da-mi and Go Min-si were so good in their roles (in sharp contrast
to some others). For me, as an old gaffer, this very entertaining film reminds me of a Brian De Palma film like the 1978 "The Fury" mixed
with more recent CGI fests like X-Men or other mutant films where people with superpowers clashes in never ending fighting scenes.

Just like in "The Fury" (one of my favourite Sci-Fi thrillers ever) there's a teenage girl with powerful telekinetic powers, Amy Irving in
1978 and Kim Da-mi in 2018, on the loose with some secret evil government agency lead by some unlikeable bad guys looking for them,
John Cassavetes in 1978 and Cho Min-soo in 2018. The Fury surely has the best ending with the ending of a bad guy ever put on film
- "You Go to Hell" says Amy and he sure does with his exploded head swirling in the air to the majestic soundtrack of John Williams.

The Witch: Part 1 Subversion has a long and beautiful Build-Up to the action part, and that's a good thing as the later CGI action goes
on a bit too long and with dull performances from the Bad Guys, including from heartthrob Choi Woo-shik but Choi Min-soo was OK.

In the intro scene we see how children in a boarding school or some institution are slaughtered on the instructions from an evil woman,
professor or doctor Baek (Choi Min-soo) but a young girl is stumbling away through the woods and finally faints next to a farm.
Two farmers finds her and raises her as their own child and 10 years later she's 19 and her name is Koo Ja-yoon (Kim Da-min). Her best
friend is Doh Myung-hee (Go Min-si) and she puts Koo in a popular talent TV show (like Idol?) and Koo performs successfully, but
when she displays some of her other talents than singing, a talent of the telekinetic kind, then Dr. Baek sees her on TV and recognizes
her, and the hunt for the Witch is on .... again.

Kim Da-mi and Go Min-si were so likeable and believable as the two teenage village girls Ja-yoon and Myung-hee, i loved them in
their performances, and Choi Min-soo was pretty enjoyable as the über evil Doctor Baek too. The parents Koo in minor parts were
good too, but the horde of bad guys were a bit dull. The Witch played out like a well made Korean drama in the first half and then
turned into a trashy CGI orgy for the second part. But due to the girls my overall verdict is: Great Fun !

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with korean audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with english subtitles, trailers extra.
Please note that this bluray disc has region A stated on cover but plays region all


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