The Wind (1986)

Spanish Bluray edition

Another ridiculous and absurd 1980's horror, that somehow is interesting due to the isolated setting on the Greek island of Monemvassia
and due to the fascinating laser beam blue eyes of Meg Foster.
(Here i was about to write about her acting in in Brian De Palma's great "The Fury" as the girlfriend/handler of ESP boy Robin .... but No, that
was actress Fiona Lewis, but they do have a resemblance). The film is directed, written and produced by Greek director Nico Mastorakis, most
famous for making the 1975 exploitation horror flick "Island of Death".

So, Sian Anderson (Meg Foster) is a writer of second grade bestsellers and she has rented a small house in Greece, in a small ancient village
picturesque located on the island of Monemvassia, to disturbed by no-one, write her new novel. But, her quirky landlord Elias (a brit in exile
married to a greek woman and played by Robert Morley) warns her of the wind and to not go roaming in the night.
The village is largely abandoned and helping her is the handyman, an american, Phil (Wings Hauser) but he's starting to act more and more
disturbing, and she suspects that he may be a psychotic killer. Steve Railsback plays another stranded american and may help her ?

Picture presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with english audio DTS-HD MA 2.0 and with english subtitles, region all. Only a trailer extra


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