Wild Beasts (Belve Feroci, 1984)

US Severin Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2018-08-10

The film takes place in a northern european city, and according to the signs that city should be Frankfurt
and with a mix of Johannesburg, RSA and Rome and probably some other italian city. The polluted water
makes the animals at the Frankfurt Zoo go berserk and make a jailbreak out of their prison, and they get
loose in the soon to be panic stricken city. The elephants paves the way by stomping down all obstacles,
including people. Creatures from the sewers wants to join the fun too and a horde of rats attacks and kills
a young couple in a car having .... having what? What is a death sentence in a horror movie? .... having sex
that is. These poor, poor tame white albino rats have been painted brown and are first thrown around to

later be killed by flame torching .... that's nasty cruelty against innocent rodents.
Setting fire to tame rats - an italian filmmaking specialty ?

Dr. Rupert Berner (Tony Di Leo/John Aldrich) and Laura Schwarz (Lorraine De Selle) work at the Zoo
and has to utter some awfully badly written dialogue. But besides the well made gore there are some
really cool animal scenes in this strange film, as a Cheetah running down a street at high speed supposedly
following a car .... filmed in South Africa and just how did they film that .... as a group of elephants running
amok at an airport cruising past real planes .... and with a real polar bear following (and quite close too)
a group of children, brrr .... that's a dangerous animal. The real stars of this B horror are the animal trainers
and the animals themselves, and the actor Tony Di Leo was an ex-animal tamer himself.

Couldn't find info about the ratio on the sleeve but widescreen something, english audio DTS-HD 2.0 or
italian 2.0 with english subs, blu-ray edition region ALL
Extras: Interview with Franco E. Prosperi, 15 minutes in italian with subs, Wild Tony: interview with actor
Tony Di Leo, 13 minutes in italian with subs, Cut after Cut: interview with editor and Mondo filmmaker
Mario Morra, 35 minutes in italian with subs, The Circus is in Town: interview with animal wrangler
Roberto Triberti's son, Carlo Triberti, 10 minutes in italian with subs, House of Wild Beasts: a visit to the
home of Franco E. Prosperi, 12 minutes in italian with subs, shot in 2017, , and an international trailer


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