Who Dun It ? (Island of Blood / Scared Alive, 1982)

US Vinegar Syndrome 2020 Bluray edition

This is a hilariously bad C-grade Slasher, but it is funny due to the chaos and it probably is a comedy too. I have no idea of what
happened at the end, or maybe i was tired and i mixed people up (but didn't X die ?). Obviously this very obscure film has some sort
of cult status and probably due to have been released on video VHS in the 80's, and i guess the unknown director tried to jump
onto the "making a slasher film" bandwagon to make some cash. But, yes, it's a comedy and the punk song played during every
murder scene, the deliriously annoying punk song, is Funny - Stab Me! Stab Me! etc etc.

A rich woman owns an island and she wants it to be a retreat for students (probably University students due to their age). A film
is going to be made on the island, a positive film about young people who's going to make a Rock Musical to make money for the
poor. The shoot will start on a monday and they will have the weekend for rehearsals.
Bart the grumpy caretaker boats them out to the island where there are no phones. But even before the rehearsals start the Slasher
killer starts his work, by picking the youngsters off, one by one. The killer have a lot of cassette players and at every murder scene
a such is hanging near the body and it plays the most annoying punk song ever.

Above: Reversible sleeve

A victim takes a bath in the pool and is boiled alive and song goes "boil me, boil me ..." and like that, e.g. a chainsaw murder and
"saw me, saw me ..." a stabbing from beneath a bed goes "stab me, stab me ...". The killer plays in a punk band or hired one to
make these monotone songs ? This film was so bad it almost felt it was made like this on purpose.
Marie-Alise Recasner played the cute Donna, but she died in the shower taking a battery acid bath (and obviously couldn't step
out from the shower) and she's in the extras for a long interview. There's a twist ending to this film.

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with an english audio DTS-HD MA mono and with english subtitles, region all.
Extras: Blood and sweaters: Interview with actor Terence Goodman (14 minutes, as Steve), Dying for the Opportunity: Interview
with actor Jim Piper (13 minutes, as John), Containing the Excitement: Interview with actress Marie-Alise Recasner (35 minutes,
as Donna), Cutting a Long Story Short: Interview with editor Hari Ryatt (38 minutes),
an audio commentary with "The Hysteria Continues", an original theatrical trailer


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