White Night (2009)

South Korean Cinema Service 2 disc DVD edition


South Korean murder mystery and crime thriller where the film shifts between a murder investigation in 1995 and one in 2009.
The film starts with an intro where a woman is having intense sex and alternating with a killer strangling a man to death.
A bit disturbing and nasty. In fact this film adds a bit of melodrama (a usual element in south korean film) to the crime story
and almost portrays the murderer with sympathy and, No, i'm not buying that, no way. Almost everyone is killed in this film
and the filmmakers don't seem to shed any interest in, or feelings towards, the many victims in the movie. Instead they seem
to be trying to portray the creep/creeps with some Grandeur ... yuck! The fucking slime perp/perps ... yuck! No. No.

Big mistake from the asshole debut director Park Shin-woo (and No, this is certainly not Scarface with Al Pacino and Tony
Montana dying in grand style, and everyone just loves Al Pacino).

Han Suk-kyu plays police detective Han Dong-soo who in 1995 investigated a murder case aboard an abandoned ship, The
unsolved Kim Si-who murder case. In 2009 another cop, Cho Min-woo, investigates another murder case that seems to have
connections to the 1995 murder and he contacts the now slightly bummed up Dong-soo, and soon most people die.

DVD is presented in 2.35:1 widescreen with 5..1 DD korean audio with english subtitles.
Disc 2 extras without english subs, a 9 minutes short film, a music video, trailer and about an hour of behind the scenes stuff,
and .... jipeee .... a commentary audio in korean without english subs for all of us fluid korean speaking westerners


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