When Animals Dream (Når dyrene drömmer, 2014)

German Prokino Blu-ray edition

Sonia Suhl

I first heard about this film some year ago and read some good reviews. A Danish creature horror drama, a werewolf
movie and what really catched my interest was the films title - Når dyrene drömmer - When Animals Dream - That's
poetic and beautiful. And, as i live in the neighbouring country of Sweden i took for granted that this 2014 film very soon
would be released here, as most other films from Denmark and Norway. But, for some unfathomable reason - NO.
Instead it has been released in Germany and maybe also in England, yes, and in Denmark naturally.
So as i haven't travelled to Denmark this year i bought it from Germany on this Blu-ray edition. It's in Danish audio but
without any english subtitles, only with German subtitles. Aaaah, i'm Swedish so listening to Danish being spoken can't
be that hard as it's just as listening to Norwegian or almost as Swedish, no? NO, it's not.
I had a hard time hearing what they said in this movie but the German subtitles made it easier to understand. And, there's
not that much dialogue anyway in this film as it's based on it's striking visuals.

The funeral scene from the church by the sea. The scenes from the village. The face of Sonia Suhl. Impressive pictures
and great work from cinematographer Niels Thastum.
It's a simple straight forward werewolf tale, drama-horror, told effectively and with great performances (and presence)
from Sonia Suhl as Marie and from Lars Mikkelsen as her father.

Marie is a young woman living on the Danish countryside in a small village at the sea. She lives with her father and her
mother, a woman that's sitting in a wheelchair, apparently paraplegic and to whom her husband and village doctor almost
frantically gives some sort of injections. There's something wrong about that. A secret that we, the viewers, don't get to know
about until later, but something that the family knows and probably also the people inhabiting the very small village.
There has been people being murdered with claw marks on their bodies, probably, as Marie get hold of some material,
photos belonging to the doctor.

Marie works in the village's only industry, the fish factory, and her co-workers gets more and more hostile towards her and
her mother. Has Marie herited her mother's "ailment" or is she only suffering from Lycanthropy, a mental problem that makes
her believe she's turning into a werewolf ? Hey, wait, don't look at the Blu-ray sleeve above ..... ooh, too late, sorry.
widescreen 2.40:1, danish audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with German Subtitles
Extras: deleted scenes 2 min, vom mädchen zum monster 5 min, showreel special effects 4 min, german and original trailer


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