Wheels on Meals (1984)

UK Eureuka! 2019 Blu-ray edition, region B

Great action comedy shot in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain and maybe my favourite film with the Three Dragons, Sammo Hung,
Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. Sammo directed and plays a smaller part as a private detective assistant and Yuen Biao and
Jackie Chan the bigger parts of a buddy duo running a fast food business, "Everybody's Kitchen/Cocina para todos" using
their car as a stall. Jackie Chan has a famous wall climbing sequence and a great ending fight against Benny The Jet Urquidez,
the Full Contact Karate World Champion, and Yuen Biao seemingly defies gravity, he was so agile.

Even though the other films Biao did with his Peking Opera brothers, as "Project A" and 1987 "Dragons Forever" were great
my Yuen Biao favourites are 1. this 1984 film, 2. his 1986 martial arts action classic "Righting Wrongs/Above the Law" with
Cynthia Rothrock and directed by Corey Yuen Kwai, and 3. the 1988 pitch-black noir crime "On the Run" by Alfred Cheung.

The old Hong Kong DVD edition

David and Thomas (Biao and Jackie) shares an apartment in Barcelona and runs a food truck. A friend is the PD assistant
Moby (Sammo Hung) and he has got an assignment, he's hired to find a Spanish woman, Gloria and her daughter within
14 days as a Count Lobas fortune is to be inherited. If not, the count's evil brother Mondale will get the fortune.

David has an uncle, Chen (Zhong Guang) who's in a mental hospital and Chen's girlfriend is the fellow inmate Gloria, and
yes, she's the heiress that Moby is looking for. Gloria has a beautiful daughter Sylvia (played by Lola Forner, a former
Miss Spain) that both David and Thomas fall in love with .... even though she's a prostitute and a pick-pocket.
Sylvia is the Count's illegitimate daughter and has to appear within 14 days from the Count's death to make a claim for the
inheritance. Mondale sends his underlings, including Benny The Jet Urquidez and Keith Vitali, to kidnap her.

The Three Dragons will help her and in the latter part of the movie there are some amazing fight scenes with i.a. Jacke vs.
Benny The Jet and Yuen Biao vs. Keith Vitali, both some powerful opponents and karate champions. There's a scene
where Jackie climbs a wall that has to be seen to be believed.
The film is presented in a widescreen not stated ratio with a Cantonese audio LPCM mono or in a newly restored DTS-HD
MA 5.1 such with english subtitles (luckily everyone speaks cantonese in the film even spaniards and other foreigners).

Interviews - with Sammo Hung "On Giant's Shoulders" (1993 in cantonese with subs, 7 minutes), with Sammo Hung
Archival (10 minutes in english), with Yuen Biao "Born to Fight" (15 minutes in cantonese with subs, 2005),
with Benny The Jet Urquidez "Jet Fighter" (28 minutes in english), with Keith Vitali "King of the Ring" (33 minutes in
english), with Stanley Tong "The Inside Track" (34 minutes in english, i.a. about his 1990's Jackie Chan movies)

Outtakes - Spartan X (alternate Japanese credits scene) and Outtake footage
Trailers - Original theatrical trailer, international trailer, Japanese trailer

My favourite interview was the one with US karate champion Keith Vitali, and he says that Yuen Biao was at the bottom
of the Three Brothers hierarchy and had to do what his brothers told him. Then came Jackie who had to show respect to
Big Brother (Sammo Hung) at the top, and this was embedded since their school days at the Peking Opera


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