Womens Extreme Wrestling (2 disc Vol. 1-4) 2003

US BCI Eclipse 2 disc DVD edition

Guilty Pleasures

Eeeh ...... along with the early 1960's Nudie Cuties films (as Doris Wishman's 1960 Hideout in the Sun and 1961 Diary of a Nudist, the 1970's
Grindhouse exploitation and the 1980's High-School nerd comedies, i guess that also the slime genre of fake Women's Wrestling is a good
example of a Guilty Pleasure because we're talking trash entertainment here .... and i confess, my brain is dissolving but I enjoy watching this.
Yes, it's shameful but I like it. All cinematic references to Tarkovsky, Bergman and Buñuel falls flat here as the Brain must be turned OFF,
a sweaty tanktop has to be put ON and the beer has to be brought IN, and then let your Reptile Brain handle your stupid giggling.

Women's Extreme Wrestling - Absolutely Stupid, Trashy and Sleazy FUN when mostly a bunch of unserious Luchadoras, wrestlers are
entering the ring for a lot of fake fights in funny chaotic galas on the W.E.W. circus. Some of the girls actually can wrestle a bit also.

W.E.W - Volume 1:
Disc 1 - Side A (55 minutes), with i.a. Brittney the Schoolgirl vs. Bar Room Barbie, Tara Titanium vs. Kristy Kiss,
Fujiko Kano, Rebecca Wilde

Volume 2: Disc 1 - Side B (53 minutes), with Cinnamon, GI Hoe , Psycho Bitch
Volume 3: Disc 2 - Side A (54 minutes), with i.a. Candy vs. Tara in a Undergarment no rules match
Volume 4: Disc 2 - Side B (54 minutes), GI Hoe vs. Ugly Amanda Storm, The Alexis Sisters, Valentine et al.

Ring of Fire
- WEW: Filmed Live in the New Alhambra Arena, Philadelfia we get to see a lot of bad wrestling matches, i.a. the red-haired
plumper sexy April Hunter vs. Black Barbie, the ugly Butch vs. Amy Lee, Sumie vs. Jazz (66 minutes)


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