Werewolf Woman (La Lupa Mannara/Legend of the Wolf Woman, 1976)

US Raro Video blu-ray 2014 unrated DVD edition

A Very Serious Psychological drama about a woman affected by Lycantrophy as she thinks she's suffering of
a hereditary disease, that she becomes a werewolf whenever there's a full moon rising.
OK, OK, i was only kidding. La Lupa Mannara may have some sort of psychological study in it BUT really
is a Horror Crime story filled to the brim with violence and sleaze. A Glorious piece of Trash from the golden
Italian 1970's that's very entertaining thanks to the effort from the forgotten Annik Borel in the role as La Lupa
Mannara, she's great and gives her everything Full Throttle. And she proves that she's a real redhead, nude.
Borel is quite convincing as a psychotic case and almost disturbing. Also, Dagmar Lassander is in it, and a
giallo type of worthless police inspector, some female revenge and the intro werewolf with black plastic nipples.

Booklet with text by Chris Alexander

In the delightfully trashy intro that takes place sometime in the 18th century (?) a woman is dancing in a ring of
fire (but no Johnny Cash on the ST), turns into a werewolf and being hunted by hostile peasants, looking for the
missing girl Daniela. The Werewolf woman really is Daniela, and she drools, wears nice red fur and has got a cute
black nose and long stiff plastic nipples. After killing one of her hunters she's burned alive .... and if she would've
been a witch we would hear her throwing a curse at the locals, but she's only a poor werewolf so she doesn't.

In modern times Daniela (Annik Borel) wakes up from one of her recurrent nightmares of being a werewolf. She
has accepted the local myth about her ancestor as a truth and her likeable father (fine actor Tino Carraro) is worried
about her deteriorating mental health. Poor Daniela has also suffered a trauma when getting raped when 15 years old.

The Old Shriek Show DVD edition

Daniela's sister Irene (genre legend Dagmar Lassander) comes visiting from the US with her new husband Fabian,
and Daniela's mind goes to Smithereens when Fabian is a copy of the peasant man she killed off in her dream.
He disappears, later to be found dead, and Daniela is admitted to a mental hospital in a murderous frenzy.
She escapes and the killing starts, and the murders are investigated by the usual genre useless and bewildered
police inspector, played here stiffly by Frederick Stafford.

Nice to finally see this entertaining film .... there's something strangely alluring with a werewolf woman horror ....
in Blu-ray high quality edition and this release was much better than the old too dark US DVD edition.
widescreen 1.85:1, PCM mono audio in italian or english with english subtitles. Extras: Video interview with
director and screen writer Rino Di Silvestro (19 min in italian with english subs), Original italian and english
theatrical trailer and a Booklet with a text by Fangoria Magazine's Chris Alexander (maybe too positive)


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