Web of the Spider (Nella stretta morsa del ragno / Dracula im Schloss des schreckens, 1971)

German -ray edition - Region all or B


Director Antonio Margheriti made this gothic horror under his alias Anthony M. Dawson and this German
release is a long 1 hour 54 minutes version and the 21 minutes shorter US version can be chosen from the
remote control. The longer version with english audio DD 2.0 has inserts of italian audio scenes, and if you
have the subtitles on you will get somewhat sporadic english subtitles to these scenes. Better than none.

Is this film made by a Margheriti in top form ? No, but it's OK, it has some topless nudity, the beautiful
Michele Mercier from the "Angelique" film series fame and Klaus Kinski wildly staring as Edgar Allan Poe.
The soundtrack was made by Riz Ortolani. The film is Margheriti's remake of his superior 1964 "La Danza
" also, as with this film, with a ton of alternative titles, as: Terrore / La Lunga notte del terrore /
Castle of Blood / Castle of Terror / The Long Night of Terror / Tombs of Horror / Coffin of Terror etc.
and with Michele Mercier in the role Barbara Steele had in the 1964 film.

This 1971 film remake "Web of the Spider" has alternative titles as: Nella stretta morsa del ragno / Dracula
im schloss des schreckens / In the Grip of the Spider / Edgar Poe chez les Morts Vivants / Prisonnier de
Araignée and E venne l 'alba ... ma tinto di rosse.

The story:

American reporter Alan Foster (Anthony Franciosa, better known as fucked up writer Peter Neal from
Dario Argento's 1982 Tenebre) meets Edgar Allan Poe and a lord Blackwood in England. The lord
dares him to stay one night at his haunted mansion and the legend says that no one returns after staying
a night there. Foster takes on the challenge, he's a rational american and he's not afraid, and the Lord
and Poe will come and get him in the morning.

There are strange sounds, dust and cobwebs and a painting of a red-haired woman intrigues him. He
sees rooms light up and ghosts in scenes re-played, and he meets a beautiful woman who lives in the
mansion, Elisabeth Blackwood (Michele Mercier) and she presumably is a living one. She says that she
has lived there for a long time. She's beautiful for sure but is a bit too pale to not be worrying.
She tells Foster that the woman in the painting is Julia (Karin Field) who hates her. Soon the house is
replaying moments of the past and the house has many inhabitants, some that may murder him.

The blu-ray presents the film in 2.35:1 widescreen with english audio DD 2.0 and if long version has
been chosen with italian audio inserts (choose english subtitles from the remote and some english subs
will appear for the inserted extra scenes, sporadic ones). The short US version from the extras meny.

Extras: Trailer, Production photos, Picture gallery, Artwork gallery, Press map, Promo photos and US
short version 1 hour 33 minutes


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