Violence in a Woman's Prison (Violenza da un Carcere Femminile 1982)

US Shriek Show DVD edition

It was a long time since i watched this sleaze packed little film and as it's a WIP movie you get just what you
think you will get. Copious amounts of sleaze and violence ... and a Nude Laura Gemser.
A Nicely created sleeve and with some of the director's possible favourite animals - Rats, in the foreground.
Ratti: Notte di terrore (Rats: Night of Terror) then, from 1984, this post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror about
men-eating rats is my favourite film from Bruno Mattei, and with that great twist ending that may have inspired
some later big mainstream filmmakers (as Tim Burton in Planet of the Apes?).

I really can't remember much from watching the film some 10 years ago, but i do remember that Laura Gemser
played a journalist that went undercover as a prisoner in a brutal women's prison to write about the atrocities
going on in there. But her cover is blown and now she's in the hands of her brutal and now extra pissed off
wardens ... a dyke warden ?, must have been a dyke warden in there somewhere, and a shower and a there's
a catfight for sure. The beautiful Indonesia born Dutch actress, model, costume designer has got her then
husband Gabriele Tinti (R.I.P. 1991) in the film also, Tinti for ever beloved for his roles in the many films he
made with the one and only legend, a legend among legends - Aristide Massaccesi alias Joe D'Amato.

Not a very good WIP as i remember it, but with Gemser's beauty still acceptable. Every Laura Gemser film
has got that aspect of quality to it. the format was widescreen 1.85:1 english mono audio and with some
interview as an extra (can't remember with whom though)


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