Veteran (2015)

Hong Kong Deltamac DVD edition


How did i miss this one? A very entertaining crime-action Super Blockbuster hit with a great Hwang Jung-min as the slightly
off-kilter detective Seo Do-cheol of the Seoul Metropolitan police. Unconventional and uncorruptible just as Don Siegels
archetypical loose cannon cop Dirty Harry once was.
No complex storylines here, simple and high adrenaline straight forward crime action with Good Cop vs. Nasty rich guy,
and why confuse the viewers when this story works so well in Ryo Seung-wan's able action hands.

Seo Do-cheol is good and is allowed to be cocky and with a swagger. He meets some slick TV and business guys, and
instantly takes a disliking to a Cho Tae-oh from Sin Jin Trading. Played by Yoo Ah-in in a delightfully arrogant ultranasty
way he could as well have a sign on him with Bad Guy written on it.

When Sin Jin Trading cheats truck-drivers out of their payment, through mobster contractors, and this causes the near death
of an ex-cop and friend to Do-cheol, he sets out for taking the Trading company and Cho Tae-oh down.
No corrupt police bosses payed off by the mob (a staple in South Korean crime films) can stop him and a fight to the death
between Do-cheol and Tae-oh follows. Simple story but very entertaining with great pace - GREAT STUFF!

Truckers cheated out of their payment by shady mob or mob-connected contractors is a real problem also here in Sweden and
in Europe. Most truck drivers delivering stuff here from the continent are guys from countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria or
Belarus and they could be hired to minimum or almost no wages at all by eastern companies who fronts mafias and works as
washing machines for black money. They're harassed and almost slaves and no one wants to delve into it and get killed. Maybe

Presented in anamorphic widescreen with a korean audio 5.1 DD or 5.1 DTS-HD and english subtitles

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