The Unnamable (1988)

US Unearthed Films Blu-ray 2018 edition

Text below written 2018-12-10

H. P. Lovecraft wrote the short story The Unnamable in 1923 and this US horror pulp fiction writer became widely known among horror fans much
later in the century. The Lovecraft Cult exploded first during the 1980's with his novels and short stories being filmed and re-published in book or
comics form. I think i read some of his short stories in horror anthologies some time in the 1980's and then i saw Re-Animator and was blown away.
Then i saw other films like From Beyond and i read the mighty Mountains of Madness and other works of his. I also had a Clive Barker period and
read his Books of Blood, this writer much influenced by Lovecraft as read in the novel or seen in the movie, Razorhead Rex.

Takashi Shimizu made the H. P. Lovecraft homage Marebito in 2004. The Old Ones, creatures from a time before Man, beyond our imagination.
This film, The Unnamable, has that type of Demon, Creature something and it has got the main character Randolph Carter explaining to a friend about
the Legend of The Unnamable, just as in Lovecraft's story, but then the likeness ends as this film throws in some stupid students exploring a creepy
house and when the monster in the story couldn't be seen and described properly - as it's unnamable - in the film the monster is very clearly seen

The Film:

Randolph Carter (Mark Stephenson) tells the story about The Unnamable to 2 of his university student friends, Howard (Charles Klausmeyer) and Joel.
That an ancestor of his saw the creature and that the legend says she can be seen in an old deserted house, and that the ancient house (from the 17th
century) is the one they can see in front of them. Joel decides to search the house to show that he's not afraid .... and he's killed.

At the University 2 stupid girls, Tanya and Wendy (Laura Albert) meet 2 stupid fraternity preppy guys, John and Bruce (Eben Ham) and they will take
a try at exploring the house too .... and, guess what .... they DIE. Carter and Howard goes there too and soon there are university students roaming
around and screaming when the bodies pile up. No one comes up with the smart idea of .... LEAVING the house, oh no, no, no.
So, this film is very stupid and the first 50 minutes too slow and i almost hit the FF button, BUT then the movie starts to take off with some surprisingly
gory and well made killings by the creature, and finally the monster - The She Monster - looks GREAT, very impressive. Wendy's boobs do to ....

One of the best old time pre-CGI made creatures i ever seen, with elf ears, horns on the head, big boobs and After Ski snow boots with yellow fur - couldn't
she and Howard had mated instead, she was half-human, so .... OK, this is no Troma film so maybe not

This film is presented in an ambitious release by Unearthed Films - i had no idea that they still were around but that is so great, a fine company - in
widescreen 1.85:1 and with an english audio 5.1 DTS-HD or 2.0 PCM stereo or 2.0 vintage grindhouse audio.
An 2018 audio commentary with actors Charles Klausmeyer, Mark Stephenson, Laura Albert and Eben Ham and with special effects man R. Christopher
Boyd and special effects make-up woman Camille Calvet, and then there are some looong 2018 interviews:

Interview with actors Charles Klausmeyer and Mark Stephenson by Jay Kay (about 80 minutes)
Interview with actor Eben Ham by Jay Kay (31 minutes)
Intervie with actress Laura Albert by Jay Kay (46 minutes)
Interview with Mark Parra by Jay Kay (33 minutes)
Interview with special effects team R. Cristopher Boyd and Camille Calvet by Jay Kay (60 minutes)
Photo Gallery and trailers for some other Unearthed Films movies


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